Friday, September 24, 2010

Seriously..... 11 months?

I know as sad as it for me to say Jack is 11 months. I mean really? Anyways I have so much to write about regarding Jack and Addie Jane but our Internet is not working right now, but it will be up and running very soon. I want to upload new pictures and my favorite things this week, living room ideas, etc. So in the mean time I am at work Shh! and having to use tthis computer.

Jack, you are one little monkey. Walking, fast may I add, everywhere. Looking like a little preschooler, and smiling 90% of the time. You can say a few words like mama, dada, baba, bye, hi, all the basics. You know to put your hands way up in the air when we say ROLL TIDE! You get so excited because you know someday you will play for Alabama ;). Thank you little nugget for finally sleeping through the night. It only took a good 10 and half months ha! You still have little football shaped feet and can barely wear shoes. You are too cute for words, looking at you makes me smile, even you are being mean. You have gorgeous brown eyes and long eyelashes, Daddy is convinced you are going to be quite the ladies man, and I just don't even want to think about that right now. You eat pretty much everything, but your favorites are green beans, spaghetti, macaroni and cheese, watermelon, pineapple, and sweet potato fries. You are taking 3 bottles a day; morning nap, afternoon "nap" (that never really happens), and night time. You are in the process of switching to sippy cups and doing quite well, I am very proud. I bought a sippy cup that has 3 different tops and is suppose to make the transition from bottle to sippy cup easy. So far I am a believer, you are one step away from only sippy cups! You have a huge fascination with climbing on things, not a fan of that. You get into literally everything and anything you are not suppose to, and when I catch you, you look up at my and smile and make it very hard for me to be super mad. You will learn or I will just have to put you in some type or playpen or something. You still follow your sister constantly and she usually tolerates you. Next month you are turning 1 and I am not sure why but this is so sad for me. I guess it is cause you are such a mama's boy and now that you are already walking and soon will be talking I think, wait?? You aren't gonna wanna lay with me anymore. But you know what, that cannot possibly be the case, because I am the mom and I make the rules, so no worries there ha! I love you dearly.
I am very excited because I am planning Jack's birthday party! Jessica came up with the idea of doing a football themed party, and I LOVE it. So.... get excited because it is going to be so much fun. I will post more about my ideas and what not on my next post. In the meantime Jack is 11 months and changing everyday, I am still a little freaked out.


  1. Now if you can just get AJ off the bottle, you'll have 2 on sippy cups :) Ha! She is hilarious.

  2. haha no kidding!! we are doing the same for sad!!! I learned my lesson with the first one though!