Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Playroom Adventures

So happy to be playing with his big sis!
He has been into licking people...kinda strange but he can get away with anything ;)
Addie Jane pretend feeding Jack, which Jack was confused about because he thought he was getting real bites. Opps. He got kinda mad after that.
This is Addie Jane's fake smile..I always tell her she looks like a little chipmunk. No upper lip whatsoever

Getting ready for nap time
Obviously they are very musically talented.
Love me some nugget laughs ha!


  1. i love it! what a fun playroom! i'm crazy about those precious nuggets!

  2. haha that cracks me up about the pretend feeding!!..poor Jack. Also- Addie's chipmunk face looks like your chipmunk face! duh!