Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Jack


We love you so much.

You are such an amazing boy. You walk everywhere. Talk about, eventhough it doesn't really make since to us, we know you know what you are talking about. You went to the doctor last week for your first ear infection. You weighted 26.14lbs (and thats with you not eating great a couple days in a row) you are pretty chunky. WE LOVE IT! You have started saying "uh-oh" a lot and also looking at us, tilting you head, and saying "ohhhhhhhh." Your mouth looks adorable when you do that. You think it is hysterical and laugh at yourself. You are the hardest child in the world to change clothes or diaper. I sometimes sit on top of you (not putting all my weight on you obviously) just to put your shirt on. You laugh at that too. You smile a lot. You have 6 teeth on top and only 2 on bottom. As usual you are great eater, no worries there. You have switched to whole milk, so far the switch has been easy! Learning to walk in your shoes was a task in the beginning but now it is going great. You are pretty obsessed with bathtime. YAY. Taking bath with big sister is the best. I walk out of the bathroom looking like I took a bath too because y'all splash so much, but it is pretty amusing. Did I mention yet....that you are obsessed with me? You are, I think you have some seperation issues. We are going to try to work on them, I am thinking a little mother's morning out should do the trick. :) Not that I don't love the snuggle time you give me cause it is wonderful, it just you are heavy and sometimes you kinda hurt my back. HA. Can't wait to post pictures from you birthday fun. Alabama plays Tennessee this weekend so excited. They won last year. It was the day we came home from the hospital, I thought your dad was going to have a heart attack if we missed kick off for the game. It was so wonderful bringing you home from the hospital and watching a football game just me,
you, and Daddy. Alabama has only lost one game in the year you have been born (I just want you to remember that).
I love you dearly Jack-a-roonie.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Beach Time

My adorable babies
Jessica with her catch and John with his!
Me and Jent
Haha I love this picture cracks me up!
3 boys! Jack 11 and half months, Deacon 3 months, and Jeremiah 9 months.
Addie Jane and Jent fishing on the beach
Love this picture
Baby D

We are so blessed. We had such an amazing trip, although a little crazy with 2 very young children of my own and my 2 nephews, we made the best out of it. We all found it funny the last year we all went we all stayed up until 12:00 played games and watched movies. This year after a day on the beach with babies, we barely made till 9:00. Ha, funny how things change. Jack LOVED LOVED LOVED the ocean. He would walk right in there as if he had no fear at all. The waves would knock him down and he would just laugh and get back up. Hysterical. Addie Jane was fearless as usually and bossing Jack around. She had a wonderful time fishing with Daddy and playing with the babies. She is a pro-big sister. I am very proud of her. Jeremiah ate sand like it was going out of style. Pretty much one of the cutest/funniest things I have ever seen. Deacon chilled out on a blanket with some major cute outfits on most of the time. The boys (Jent and B-I-L's) fished any chance they got and the one night I went down to fish with them I basically caught the biggest fish ever, until it ate the line (hook, bait, liter....all of it). My brother-in-law John seemed to think it was a huge shark, and I def agree with him, he is a wise man :) He caught a 22 lb red fish one night, it was masive (check out the picture). Oh yes, and by the way they caught 6 baby sharks between 1 and 2 feet long in about an the middle of the day. Anyone else not feeling great about swimming in the water after that...yea I didn't! Have I mentioned yet, that I basically didn't stop eating the entire time I was down there?? Yes, great food. Very pleased. Jentry and I got to go out on the date one afternoon, it was awesome! I ate fried shrimp and fish. I know it made me just a little fatter but it was totally worth it. Thank you Janey and Boss for our wonderful vacation and Christmas present! It was great!

I will post more pictures soon...I have a ton!

Friday, October 8, 2010


My cousin, Haley (check her out here Blessed), took these pictures yesterday and they are soo cute!

Baby Jack, not looking so much like a baby anymore :(


They are so adorable together.
I am extremely thankful that Addie Jane and Jack have so many cousin close in age. I grew up extremely close to my cousins and I wouldn't want any differently for my own kids.
Between to our 2 families the cousins oldest to youngest go:
Addie Jane
Mary Ella
Pretty good huh! All within 2 years of each other!

Monday, October 4, 2010


Please note: I know I cannot have a all white room with 2 kids I am just saying I am getting most of my ideas from this pictures.
My walls will be grey and ottaman will not be white...I like the tables, flowers, and pillows . My favorite thing is the pillows with all different fabrics.
Ok....I am very excited to say that I will be re-doing my house before Christmas. Not just redecorating but moving my rooms around a little bit. Did you know that my playroom for the kids is the biggest room in our house, I mean are you kidding me? That is ridiculous. Jessica (my SIL) is going to help me with this challenge of switching my living room to where the playroom is and the playroom where my guest bedroom is...everyone following me, ha...and then where my living room is now will be a dining room! I know that sounds confusing and honestly those little details are more for me to remember. I am very excited and I think it will be a great change for the house.

This is the wall color I have picked out. It is Pensive Sky from Behr. I think it is really calming and I think in a house with 2 little ones you need that.

My fabric. My couch and big chair are cream leather and then I have a navy blue recliner. I am using this fabric to recover the ottoman that goes with the big cream colored with chair. I think I am just going to make a slip cover rather than recover it, just so I am able to wash it often.

What I want is a comfy living room mostly a neutral color with pops of color. Obviously, kid friendly but I would like something a little bit more grown up with organization.

I think what happened was we got the house then had a baby, then by the time Addie Jane was old enough for me to start decorating, I got pregnant again. Now, I feel like Addie Jane is 2 and a half and Jack is almost 1 and it's time to make change. A change for the better. I want an area where they can play but not be so overwhelmed, an area where Jentry and I can entertain, and an area where we can all sit down and eat dinner is that really too much to ask? I am going to post before pictures of the house soon and then hopefully I will have it finished by Christmas with a pretty tree and decorations.