Friday, July 20, 2012

Big week!

First of all, I am very proud to announce Addie Jane is officially done with swimmies. Yes. Finally. She can jump off the diving board in the deep end and swim to the side by herself. We got some one and one time at the pool and I was determined to teach her how to float. SUCESS! I really hope she can be on swim team next year. I started when I was 3 and grew up loving swim team, it was my favorite part of summer. Jack can swim great, just like a frog BUT he doesn't come up for air. I mean it sounds strange but he can literally swim 6 feet on top of the water he doesnt sink....he just doesn't lift his head for a breath??? I am sure with a couple of lessons he will get there in no time!
Hudson had his 2 month check up this week. He weighs 11.11 and is 23 and 3/4 inches long. 50 percentile for everything which is great! He has gained over 5 pounds since he was born yay!! Jack weighed 13.2 at 2 months but was only 22.5 inches so I'm excited to see how they line up to each other. I can tell he is growing and I love seeing his little cheeks chunk up. He had 3 shots so needless to say he just wanted to be held most of the afternoon. I was okay with that. He is healthy so I am happy!
As for me, I went back to work yesterday! Crazy. I really enjoyed seeing everyone. I had a great day and it feels really good to be back! I love everyone I work with so much, it makes it that much easier to come back. I will only be going back one day a week for now. Well,That's all for now we are off to help with D's bday party!! So excited that little nugget is 2!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Update: Addie Jane 4 years, Jack 2.5 years, Hudson 2 months.

I canNOT believe Hudson is 2 months already.  It has gone by so fast but also I feel like I can't remember life without him.  Let me just say they are easier to handle outside the belly then inside.  Next week we go for his 2 month check up at the doctor so I am interested to see how much she weighs ( he is still tiny) and how long he is.  The boy is not very thick but in my opinion very long.  He is wearing 0-3 month clothes and about to bust out of them on the lenght, even with a new diaper.  Right now he looks like my brother, Daniel.  A lot of people think that he looks like Jentry does now but not when he was a baby.  I think he has Jentry's eyes and brow, my dad's chin, my nose, and not so sure about the lips.  Basically he is just adorable to me! I put myself on the scale last week and then got back on the scale holding him and it added 10 pounds but who knows if that is right.  At night he is sleeping about 5 hours straight from 10:30-11:00 to around 4:00ish and then gets back up a 6:30 for a little morning happy time.  I enjoy waking up early to either watch my TV shows, catch up on my internet time, or just prepare myself for the day that is about to happen. HA. Also, waking up to a HAPPY smilely baby is the BEST. He is still eating about every 2 hours and if he takes a bottle is it usually about 3-4 onces at a feeding.  Still nursing like a champ which really pleases me. Right now, he has started smiling and looking you right in the eyes.  He loves to lay flat on his back either outside or by a window and just look around.  He prefers to nap on his stomach but at night he sleeps better in his nap nanny.  His hair is getting a little strawberry tent, the same look Addie Jane had when she was around his age. His eyes are blue and lighter than the Addie Jane and Jack's were at this age.  I was hoping one of these kiddos would have light eyes like me! He found out how to cry although he doesn't do it all the much.  Probably safe to say he is the typical third child, he just goes with the flow.  Not much of a schedule for this little one but ya know sometimes that is okay.  If anyone knows me at all they know I HATE just sitting at home, I like to be on the go and so do my kids.  We still have a couple things we want to do this summer..... visit my friends Lauren, Matt, Jenn, and baby Wells in Atlanta and go to the aquarium, go canoeing with the kids, find a creek and collect rocks (AJ's idea), go see Ice Age 4, and have a couple more out of town trips.  I think we have plenty of time to get in all of our summer activites.  Addie Jane and Jack start school August 21st.  Addie Jane will go everyday from 9-2 and Jack will go Monday and Wednesdays from 9-2.  It is hard to talk about that right now, they have only ever just gone to Mother's Day Out for 4 hours and that was just for a couple months.  I know Addie Jane is excited and I am excited for her.  She wants to learn so much and now that she has found her personality I know she will be able to meet friends easily.  It is hard to actually see them getting bigger.  She is SO tall.  I have know idea percentile wise.  At her 4 year she was 90% in height and 75% in weight but I KNOW she has grown about 2 inches since that check up.  I don't really know how it is to be tall after all I am barely 5'1. HA. She does not have my body she will be blessed just like my sister-in-laws..... JEALOUS. Jack is 35.9 pounds he had to go to the dr. last week because he dislocated is elbow AGAIN.  The doctor made me help pop it back into place. Dr. Stewart wanted me to learn how because he informed that once that happens it is very easy to do it again...and with Jack's track record of climbing and jumping with no fear I have already prepared myself for that. Addie Jane and Jack are like 2 peas in pod they play so well together.  I am not sure what I would do if they didn't....They are at the point now where they don't want to watch TV or do anything but play in their rooms and make up stories.  I love to just sit and listen to them talk.  

All in all we are doing just great over here...still have a few almost comical meltdowns from one or all the kiddos but hey that's life!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Friday, July 13, 2012

National Cow Appreciation Day

Today Jessica and I took the kiddos to celebrate national cow day at Chick-fil-a! It was so fun. We had heard that if dress up like a cow you get a free kids meal.... (adults included) How amazing is that?!? We got up and made their outfits this morning. We used old white t shirts and black felt for the spots. THEN for the kicker is added "eat mor chikin" in red. They turned out adorable! We had a great time definitely will be doing it next year!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

4th of July

We headed over to Florence to celebrate the 4th at compound.  We got to enjoy the pool swimming all day and then we topped it off for dinner with a good ole fish fry.  Yummy.  My aunt Kristi decked out her amazing home in great decorations! We had such a great day spending time with the family! 
The kiddos with their decked out 4th of July bikes for the first annual Compound Parade!!

The tractor all decorated for the parade
Addie Jane, Braxton, Jack, and Mary Ella (note: check out Jack's face....priceless)

 Papa and Hudson
 Blue mouths

 Hudson, Jack, Addie Jane
 Fish Fry

 Grandmother and Hudson
Fun at the pool and on Mary Ella's new barbie jeep!

Sambo and Jack
A little morning fun with these 2 cousins.  Emma Kate (Miss July) and Hudson.  AND yes, they are just one month apart.  Hmm...... haha!

Have a great day!