Sunday, August 29, 2010

Baby Dedication

Jack's outfit for his dedication. How adorable?!? Thank you Amy!

These precious girls almost stole the show.

Ashlyn (John and Jessica's neice) she is adorable.
Addie Jane

The Whole Jordan Family

Me, Jack(10 months), Julianne, Jeremiah (8months) Jessica, and Deacon (6 weeks)

We are proud to say that today Jack had his baby dedication to the Lord at our church, along with Jeremiah and Deacon. We are excited to bring Jack up in the church and watch him grow and learn about God. We want Jack to know Him, pray to Him, and spread His word. The Bible says, "The true children of God are those who let God's spirit lead them." Roman 8:14. I want God's spirit to lead Jack through his life and the obstacles that he willl face. We are already proud of our little boy and he is only 10 months. Excited to see what the future holds for him!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Monthly update

Jack, you are 10 months... you have got to be kidding me? I guess it is true time really does fly by.... You have taken 10 -15 steps and are doing great at walking. You should be walking around in no time at all. Don't know how I feel about that just yet, my little baby is walking, and my other "baby" (Addie Jane) is about to go to preschool? Ugh, just got a little sick to my stomach ;) Anyways, your front 2 teeth are coming in nicely with a pretty big gap in between. I am fairly confident you will still be cute. You smile all the time. You still have blond hair and beautiful almond shaped brown eyes, with long eyelashes. You are beginning to "talk" more, I can't really understand you, but I try. You still just say "mama" "ba-ba" and the occasional "dada", and waving hi and bye. Right now we are trying to learn the word "ball" I think you will get it pretty soon. You love playing with Addie Jane. You follow her every move, which I think at times can be frustrating to her, but she tolerates you most of the time. Your sleep pattern is still not wonderful but improving. When you wake up you just want your sound machine turned back on and I pat you on your back for 10 minutes and it is back to sleep you go. You eat great, all table food for my baby boy now. Macaroni and Cheese, green beans, carrots, mandarin oranges, pears, bananas, and any pasta. Great job! You are still weighing in at 25 pound and you are 28 inches long (not quite sure on the height just estimating) but just a little over average for height and weights you are looking great. I hope you don't loose all your baby fat when you beginning running around and wrestling with your big sister. Always excited to see how you change from day to day but I am still cherishing these times I have with you where all you want is "mama'' and to be rocked. I love you nugget. Just do mommy a little favor and let me sleep ;) I will be so much more fun, I promise.

Addie Jane, you are 30 months old....(I don't like saying how many months you are after you turn 2 so from now on its just going to be called a monthly update ha). Crack me up, you have got some personality. Your expressions are so exaggerated. When you are happy you are over the top and when you get mad, you get MAD. Sometimes "daddy bear" and I just laugh because you when you get sleepy, you get so sad about everything, which I know sounds mean but it's because we know nothing is wrong with you. For example, you ask to watch Monsters Inc. and I say, "ok honey, one second let me find it," and you break down into tears and I didn't even say "no". It is only because you are so tired, then you say your sorry and fall asleep. Nightly routine I suppose. You are amazing. You really do smile a lot, and laugh for real, as well as pretend to laugh. Your "pretend" laugh is by far the best, you lean your head way back and hold your little hands together, one of the funniest things I have ever seen. You love to dance and say all the time you want to be a cheerleader for Alabama. You love Big Al, you say all the time you want to hold his hand and walk with say Mary Ella is going with you, and that she won't be scared because he is soooo nice. You know how to draw an "A", you say, "up, down and across the town." Love it. You know what letters people names start with and you can pick out about 10 letters, as long as you are in the mood. Ha. You are sweet. You tell me, "Mama that dress is so pretty," or, "Mama that purse is cool" I think you pick up on those things for sure. I think you are awesome, everyone does. I love you.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I need to remember this...

Jack said "mama" this week, and has been saying it all the time, yay! It finally happened. Also, his 2 front teeth on the top have started cutting through the his gums, and they are sharp. I can't imagine him having 4 teeth, seriously he is growing up too fast. He has taken 3 steps and can stand up great by himself. Being extra sweet lately too, almost like he is sucking up to get something he wants, but I mean come he is only 9 months he doesn't know how to do that yet, right? Hope not. I also wanted to point out last week, while trying to walk, you encountered a black eye. Really it was like a blood vessel popped, and your right eye was blood red, it was pitiful. You really took it like a champ, I am super proud of you. I never expected you to be anything but extra tough with a big sister like Addie Jane around anyway. Love you little nugget.
On another note, I go to put Addie Jane in my mom's car yesterday and I look at her and say, "OK, bye love you," and give her a kiss, she looks back at me and says (exact quote by the way), "love you too mama, just call if you need me." I thought what??? Then she comes back and says, "just call I will be a Mona's." I died laughing. She is hysterical.... Today she has been sick and we have watching Monsters Inc. and Madagascar about 36 times, it has been actually pretty amazing. It is sad to say this but sometimes the only really good snuggle, quality "girl time" I get to spend with Addie Jane is either after Jack has gone to sleep (which is 9:00 and I am exhausted and so is she) or.....if she is sick. OK, no I never want my child to be sick, but I do like to come to the rescue with a day of snuggling, tons of blankets and pillows, and a lot of TV watching and book reading. Thank you God for these little moments that make me smile for days.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pictures and a few updates

Ugh, my camera is broke again, I can't get it to connect to the computer. Not to mention I actually have some super cute pictures of Addie Jane and Jack playing a Bridgestreet and our fun adventure to the drive -through animal safari. Anyways, here are a few pictures my cousin Haley took at my mom's house about 2 weeks ago.

Ha typical. (He really is a sweetheart as you can see in this next picture)

I also wanted to mention that Jack has took about 4 steps and can stand up by himself pretty easily now. We are very proud of him, but very shocked that is already getting into so many things. Addie Jane is, of course, amazing. I think she can pretty much say anything she wants without having to think. She loves to tell stories about what we did that weekend, what she is doing this week or weekend and so on. She is extremely active and fun. She brightens up my day every morning. She can count to 15-20 and say her ABC's all the through, pretty much perfect. Loves the movie Monsters Inc. Random I know, but what can you say. Loves to go shopping at Target. Constantly asks people "hey, where you buy that at??" Ha. This morning she looked at my and said "hey mom that necklace is cool, where did you get it?" Those are the days when I think to myself, how did this go buy so fast. There is so much to say about all the things she is doing I feel like I can't even write it down. Every time I think of one thing to say, I come up with another. Basically, she can talk to me like a normal person, I can understand everything she has to say, she knows right from wrong, she knows opposites, she know number, letters and colors, character and movies, people and places, she know what she wants to wear and where to find it, but most importantly she loves God, and wants to learn and know more about Him everyday.