Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pictures and a few updates

Ugh, my camera is broke again, I can't get it to connect to the computer. Not to mention I actually have some super cute pictures of Addie Jane and Jack playing a Bridgestreet and our fun adventure to the drive -through animal safari. Anyways, here are a few pictures my cousin Haley took at my mom's house about 2 weeks ago.

Ha typical. (He really is a sweetheart as you can see in this next picture)

I also wanted to mention that Jack has took about 4 steps and can stand up by himself pretty easily now. We are very proud of him, but very shocked that is already getting into so many things. Addie Jane is, of course, amazing. I think she can pretty much say anything she wants without having to think. She loves to tell stories about what we did that weekend, what she is doing this week or weekend and so on. She is extremely active and fun. She brightens up my day every morning. She can count to 15-20 and say her ABC's all the through, pretty much perfect. Loves the movie Monsters Inc. Random I know, but what can you say. Loves to go shopping at Target. Constantly asks people "hey, where you buy that at??" Ha. This morning she looked at my and said "hey mom that necklace is cool, where did you get it?" Those are the days when I think to myself, how did this go buy so fast. There is so much to say about all the things she is doing I feel like I can't even write it down. Every time I think of one thing to say, I come up with another. Basically, she can talk to me like a normal person, I can understand everything she has to say, she knows right from wrong, she knows opposites, she know number, letters and colors, character and movies, people and places, she know what she wants to wear and where to find it, but most importantly she loves God, and wants to learn and know more about Him everyday.

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