Tuesday, March 29, 2011

17 months

17 months

My little nugget isn't so little anymore!!! 17 months! WOW goes by too too fast!

He does everything that Addie Jane does and I mean everything! Eats great, talks all the time (but never really makes any real words), signs, runs, jumps, laughs, cries (rarely)..... He is the best baby/toddler that I could ever ask for. I mean he is incredibly loving and huggy....wants to give kisses all the time and snuggle. He seems to always look like he is on some type or mission and knows exactly what he wants. He is my little angel. My little man.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Since I have M.I.A the last couple months

Since I have kinda been M.I.A. for the last month or so I decided to update and on what we have been doing with just a few pictures! We go the park a LOT and they love it. My newphew Jeremiah turned 1 can you believe it?!?! We have had warmer weather now so I will be getting my camera back out! Oh and they started school, yay! So far so good! I will update more about that very soon and get a good picture of them with their matching backpacks...it is so adorable. And Jack's seperation anxiety stage is basically over. And as usual Addie Jane is too big for her britches.

Addie Jane has no need for me at the park anymore
Addie Jane and Charlie best friends still... no suprise there!
Addie Jane can do the monkey bars all by herself!
Jack rides a lady bug
They slide by themselves
Deacon can swing in a "big boy" swing and love it!
Addie Jane swings high in a big girl swing! She loves it!
Plays on the playground all by himself.....(check out those brown eyes!)
Jack keeps his sock monkey hat on yay!
Jack plays cowboy
Jeremiah turns 1!!!
Addie Jane smiles for a picture :)