Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas card 2010

Candy Boxes Christmas Card
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Friday, November 26, 2010


Addie Jane and Asher (isn't he just precious).....Yeah she has chocolate on her face, I swear that child will not smile normal for a picture.

Everyone at Thanksgiving enjoying the food.

Trying to get an up close picture of Jack's shirt
Kimberly and Baby D
The table all set up, looks amazing!
Look how cute...little homemade stamped labels and everything.

Happy Thanksgiving!!
Maybe I didn't try hard enough but I totally never got a picture of the family together...or even just my 2 babies together...oh well! We ate way to much and then napped, it was wonderful. We went to Birmingham to my SIL's house. They all did an awesome job decorating, it looked absolutely perfect. I was WAY impressed. I was sad that I had to work and wasn't able to help but they didn't got it done. I really didn't get to take pictures at all but I took a few.....They didn't even do all the decorating justice! Also I ordered Addie Jane and Jack's shirts off Etsy for 13$ a piece they are way cute!!! Little Turkeys! We had all the good Thanksgiving food, and I ate plenty. Weight Watchers is calling my name. I need to start back up hardcore (at least until Christmas haha).

I am very thankful that we had a safe and happy holiday. This year I am so thankful that Jack is out of his colic stage because last year Thanksgiving wasn't quite as easy. I am happy that my children wake up happy and give me a couple minutes to get my head together and drink my coffee. I am thankful that my husband is doing so well in school, not to mention enjoying it. I am thankful for my job and the awesome people I work with and the friendships I have made there. I am thankful for my parents and his parents and everything they do for us and just being there in general. I am thankful for my friends for being there for me whenever I need them, for babysitting and much more. I am thankful that I have God in my life, and know I can get through anything with Him. I am thankful for so much more and thank God everyday because it all comes from Him.

Although, on a lighter note...... one thing I am NOT thankful for is.....Mary Ella introducing Addie Jane to Barney, I am not a fan of that hahaha. But I suppose you gotta deal with a couple bad things every once and a while.

Guess what?!? Today is ALABAMA V. AUBURN!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Easy Thanksgiving Recipes

Broccoli Salad

Broccoli (5 to 6 cups)
Bacon (10 to 12 pieces cooked and crumbled)
1 medium red onion (chopped)
Raisins (or I like craisins)
1 cup mayo
2 tbsp. balsamic vinegar
2 tsp. sugar

Put first 4 ingredients into a bowl. Mix remaining 3 ingredients in a separate bowl then pour on top of the broccoli mixture :)

Hashbrown Casserole

2 lbs Hashbrowns (southern style)
1 stick melted butter
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
1 can cream of chicken soup
1 pint sour cream
1/2 cup chopped onion (white or yellow)
1 pkg shredded cheese

Crush corn flakes
3 tbsp melted butter

Mix all ingredients together in a 9x13 baking dish. Sprinkle with corns flakes. Top with butter. Bake 350 for 1 hour.

OMG the last couple if weeks I have took several pictures on my small camera (the kind that you can just stick in your back pocket or purse) and I also took it with me to Margarita Ball this weekend. This morning I go to upload the photos to my computer and it says that it cannot import any of the files because they are in an unrecognizable format??? Seriously? OK..... So basically I can't upload any recent pictures. NOT COOL. But at least it is Thanksgiving in a couple days, which mean GREAT food, family, fun, and PICTURES. I will be sure to get my good camera out for that one!
Well, it is back to watching Barney and folding laundry....what a joy?!?

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Ahhh......I have been too tired to blog?? What is wrong with me!?? My theory is the kids are getting a little older and very mobile in their ability to get into everything. My friend Lauren made me realize Thursday that I didn't sit down for an entire hour, and not much the whole day. She said I was constantly running around the house picking up after the kids or the dog. WOW. I guess I just didn't notice. Oh well. Lauren came in town and we went an ate lunch. Yea...cheese fries from Wings. Probably not the best idea since I have Margarita Ball (charity ball in Huntsville) to go to tonight. Also, Thanksgiving is next week and I should probably be saving my calories for that, right? Yeah I should. Anyways, kids are good. Jentry is good. I am good. Why? Because 4 out of the last 5 nights Jack has slept through the night. I love it. He seems very happy in the morning and so much better throughout the day. So I got my dress Thursday night Lauren, Jack, and I went shopping and it was quite successful, considering the cheese fries I had ate earlier that day. Hysterical. I am planning on taking a lot of pictures can't wait. I haven't gotten all dressed up and hair done, make up with eye liner and all in a VERY long pre-kids. So it'll be fun to get fancy (as Jent says). Anyway it is Saturday morning Jack and I have been up since 6:00 still waiting on Jent and Addie Jane. I still don't have any shoes to wear and that is kinda a problem I only have a few hours and I really don't wanna buy any. So we will see!!! Today I am still going to clean my carpet and fold all my laundry (4 loads). Still have a LOT to do before tonight. I really wanna go over to my SIL's house see my nephew and their new home. Ugh, I feel disconnected with the world lately. Busy. Working mom + mom that stays at home with both kids on her days off= never getting things done. Especially with 2 kids under 3. You know what I am saying?? There are just certain things you cannot do with little kids around. But then it comes down to....I know I need to do all these things around the house but what if I just wanna lay on the couch and watch Housewives of Beverly Hills??? Yea right. I have come to an understanding that being a mom you do not get time for yourself anymore. For me time to myself is going to the grocery store with maybe just one of the kids instead of BOTH. Oh well, I am sure things will get easier with time....not that they are extra hard just super busy. I am somewhat of a clean freak and it bothers me when my house isn't clean. I have so much I know I need to do like....decorate for Christmas, re-do my living room, decorate outside and everything, clean my bathroom, fold and put my laundry, clean I feel as though I always have that little list in the back of my head. The worst part is I can't take off work cause we need the money, so that's 3 days that I can't do anything. Saturdays lately have been hard, Jentry has school until 12:30-1:00 so I have usually have the kids in the morning and the house becomes worse than before which just adds to everything. When I do get a sitter I just need up spending all that time around the house clean closets and house stuff that it doesn't leave much time for me. Sorry I just had to vent and get that out remind myself for the future. AHH UGH, why am blogging and not getting this stuff done??? AHhhhh ok I am going now!!

Post pictures soon!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

my child.

Not sure where exactly I went wrong here....actually I know exactly where I went wrong....I got up every time Jack cried and still now......Jack is over 365 days old and....he has probably slept through the night all of 10-20 of them. I sometimes just 6 hours straight, that is dream, but most nights are like last night....I get 2-3 hours straight. I feel like I have a newborn all the time. He was doing better sleeping but then he got sick and since then I feel like it has been worse than ever. He is better now so it is sleep boot camp time. I am going to let him cry and just pray it works this time. In the past it has helped but never been consistent. I have decided I can't live like this anymore, so Jack can just deal with it ha! Just a side note for me to remember this crazy time with toddlers.

Today it is beautiful outside so we are heading to the park and a long walk. It is suppose to be 70-75..perfect day :) I will post pictures later today.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pictures from Jack's first birthday

Jack's Alabama footbal cake....I didn't have my camera to take picture before but of course it was awesome! My mom made it and I was very suprised and happy that she, being a big Auburn Fan, would even make an Alabama cake! She must really love Jack!

My dad trying to have a talk with Jack to become an Auburn Fan. Not to worry though Jack is smarter than that!

Hugging my little nugget as a 11 month old for the last time!!!
Digging in some cake!
Doing a little dance!
No need for hands

Roll tide!!
Katie and Addie Jane
Addie Jane and Mary Ella
Me and Betsy

I'm back with a long post!

My grandparent's Christmas card

Addie Jane and Mary Ella in their Alabama dresses
Our Bama pumpkin

My pumpkins Sully and Mike from Monsters Inc. Addie Jane's favorite movie
Eeyore (let me just say with him being sick he played the part great!)
Our ador!
Addie Jane and Braelynn
Addie Jane with make up all over her face!

So...long story short......we went to the beach and had to come home a couple days early, little nugget Jack got his first ear infection. Not fun. I feel so sorry for babies and moms of babies who have chronic ear infections. That week was a little stressful going from the beach...back to work...and sick baby. That got all cleared up and good to go then on to the next week. That following Tuesday, Jack had is one year doctor appointment which went great! He is 26.10 pounds and 32 inches tall! 85 percentile for both weight and height. The doctor was doing the "muscle test" on Jack and said...."wow...he is very stout he isn't squishy at all, very nice." Jentry was very glad to here that! He had to have 4 shots, that on the other hand was not so great. Then that Weekend we got celebrate Jack turning one! Can you believe he is one??? We went to Florence and celebrated by watching Alabama play Tennessee and kick some butt, which is exactly what Jack wanted, duh! We had a great weekend, took some wonderful pictures and played all night and all day! That following Thursday Addie Jane began to run a fever, cough, and running nose....then Jack had the fever and cough and runny nose. I left half a day on Friday from work and then had to miss Monday. No work=No money. That weekend we tried to go out a little bit for Halloween but it didn't really work out, although they did look adorable in their costumes as Piglet and Eeyore. We wen to the church for a little bit and then went by Melanie's "mel-mel" to see her cats. Addie Jane wouldn't stop talking about going over there. We stayed over their and hung out for while. They have 2 dogs and 2 cats so the kids were pretty occupied. But still with no sleep I went crazy. No sleep, crying babies, and nothing I could do to help. Well I prayed and prayed and then this Thursday wouldn't ya know it that Lord answered my prayers and they slept GREAT! He can do amazing things. Which now brings us to this weekend. Which would have been perfect and still is if you don't count Alabama loosing to LSU today. I mean I am just not use to Alabama not winning. I am of course still a big big big fan but it never helps my mood when they loose. So that sums up that last couple of weeks; sick, better, sick, better (well...getting better).

On our way home from Jentry's parents house tonight Jentry looked at me and said, "I think I am going to be an Oregon fan (who is #1 right now)." I just laughed and said yea.....I mean they aren't in the SEC anyway let's just do it. Ha! Tonight we were playing in the playroom after we got home and we asked Addie Jane what she was thinking about because she had this look of confusion on her face. Well, she said "Dada Bear I think I am Oregon fan too, but I still love Big Al." CRACK ME UP! Kids hear everything.

We have been talking a lot lately about Santa "Ho-ho" and what we want for Christmas and what not and Addie Jane has decided she wants a bike, which is really a tricycle, and Addie Jane says Jack needs to ask for a new attitude. That girl has got some ears. Then I told her that Jack is just little and can't talk so sometimes he just gets upset a little easier than she does and we just have to be patient and show him how to behave. She comes back at me and says "well mom...Ho-Ho isn't going to give him anything in less he starts haveing (behaving but she just doesn't say the "be" part) but if he can then he needs a new swing, I can just talk for Jack." She constantly makes me laugh.

One more story/quote I want to remember is one day Addie Jane came home from my mom's house and said "Mom, Mona gave me a coke." Very seriously look on her face. Then she goes on to say, "Mona said don't tell me Mommy, but I am telling you cause I know I am not suppose to have coke......and it was diet." I laughed so hard and said thank you for telling me that was very sweet. So I call my mom to tell her what Addie Jane said, thinking Addie Jane made it up, but sure enough Mona (my mom) had giving her 3 sips of coke!!! Hey, at least she is being honest.

Also I just want to add in there that I have lost 35 pounds since May! I am pumped. I would like to loose another 20 by this coming May. That would be awesome but still I am pretty proud of myself just need to stay with it because holidays are coming up and I love me some good home cooking!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Internet issues....

OK! I am going crazy...1. Our internet is broken and 2. The kids have been sick since Friday. I haven't slept in days and I feel like I am going to crack any minute. This weekend and beginning of the week has by far been the hardest time I have had with the kids. Running nose, sneezing, coughing, fever, medicine, and a lot of crying/whining. I am praying constantly that the kids get better. I know I can handle this but oh has been hard. I have a lot to blog about and when I get home today I hope my internet works so in the little time I have between laying Jack down and him waking up at least once every 2 hours...I can at least relax and blog about our weekend and what not!