Saturday, November 6, 2010

I'm back with a long post!

My grandparent's Christmas card

Addie Jane and Mary Ella in their Alabama dresses
Our Bama pumpkin

My pumpkins Sully and Mike from Monsters Inc. Addie Jane's favorite movie
Eeyore (let me just say with him being sick he played the part great!)
Our ador!
Addie Jane and Braelynn
Addie Jane with make up all over her face!

So...long story short......we went to the beach and had to come home a couple days early, little nugget Jack got his first ear infection. Not fun. I feel so sorry for babies and moms of babies who have chronic ear infections. That week was a little stressful going from the beach...back to work...and sick baby. That got all cleared up and good to go then on to the next week. That following Tuesday, Jack had is one year doctor appointment which went great! He is 26.10 pounds and 32 inches tall! 85 percentile for both weight and height. The doctor was doing the "muscle test" on Jack and said...."wow...he is very stout he isn't squishy at all, very nice." Jentry was very glad to here that! He had to have 4 shots, that on the other hand was not so great. Then that Weekend we got celebrate Jack turning one! Can you believe he is one??? We went to Florence and celebrated by watching Alabama play Tennessee and kick some butt, which is exactly what Jack wanted, duh! We had a great weekend, took some wonderful pictures and played all night and all day! That following Thursday Addie Jane began to run a fever, cough, and running nose....then Jack had the fever and cough and runny nose. I left half a day on Friday from work and then had to miss Monday. No work=No money. That weekend we tried to go out a little bit for Halloween but it didn't really work out, although they did look adorable in their costumes as Piglet and Eeyore. We wen to the church for a little bit and then went by Melanie's "mel-mel" to see her cats. Addie Jane wouldn't stop talking about going over there. We stayed over their and hung out for while. They have 2 dogs and 2 cats so the kids were pretty occupied. But still with no sleep I went crazy. No sleep, crying babies, and nothing I could do to help. Well I prayed and prayed and then this Thursday wouldn't ya know it that Lord answered my prayers and they slept GREAT! He can do amazing things. Which now brings us to this weekend. Which would have been perfect and still is if you don't count Alabama loosing to LSU today. I mean I am just not use to Alabama not winning. I am of course still a big big big fan but it never helps my mood when they loose. So that sums up that last couple of weeks; sick, better, sick, better (well...getting better).

On our way home from Jentry's parents house tonight Jentry looked at me and said, "I think I am going to be an Oregon fan (who is #1 right now)." I just laughed and said yea.....I mean they aren't in the SEC anyway let's just do it. Ha! Tonight we were playing in the playroom after we got home and we asked Addie Jane what she was thinking about because she had this look of confusion on her face. Well, she said "Dada Bear I think I am Oregon fan too, but I still love Big Al." CRACK ME UP! Kids hear everything.

We have been talking a lot lately about Santa "Ho-ho" and what we want for Christmas and what not and Addie Jane has decided she wants a bike, which is really a tricycle, and Addie Jane says Jack needs to ask for a new attitude. That girl has got some ears. Then I told her that Jack is just little and can't talk so sometimes he just gets upset a little easier than she does and we just have to be patient and show him how to behave. She comes back at me and says "well mom...Ho-Ho isn't going to give him anything in less he starts haveing (behaving but she just doesn't say the "be" part) but if he can then he needs a new swing, I can just talk for Jack." She constantly makes me laugh.

One more story/quote I want to remember is one day Addie Jane came home from my mom's house and said "Mom, Mona gave me a coke." Very seriously look on her face. Then she goes on to say, "Mona said don't tell me Mommy, but I am telling you cause I know I am not suppose to have coke......and it was diet." I laughed so hard and said thank you for telling me that was very sweet. So I call my mom to tell her what Addie Jane said, thinking Addie Jane made it up, but sure enough Mona (my mom) had giving her 3 sips of coke!!! Hey, at least she is being honest.

Also I just want to add in there that I have lost 35 pounds since May! I am pumped. I would like to loose another 20 by this coming May. That would be awesome but still I am pretty proud of myself just need to stay with it because holidays are coming up and I love me some good home cooking!


  1. OMG ASH! I can't believe you lost all that weight! That's a ton!-awesome. I miss you and the kids! I Hope to get to visit with you guys at some point over Thanksgiving! LYLAS

  2. I love love love you and those cute kids of yours!!!!