Friday, November 26, 2010


Addie Jane and Asher (isn't he just precious).....Yeah she has chocolate on her face, I swear that child will not smile normal for a picture.

Everyone at Thanksgiving enjoying the food.

Trying to get an up close picture of Jack's shirt
Kimberly and Baby D
The table all set up, looks amazing!
Look how cute...little homemade stamped labels and everything.

Happy Thanksgiving!!
Maybe I didn't try hard enough but I totally never got a picture of the family together...or even just my 2 babies together...oh well! We ate way to much and then napped, it was wonderful. We went to Birmingham to my SIL's house. They all did an awesome job decorating, it looked absolutely perfect. I was WAY impressed. I was sad that I had to work and wasn't able to help but they didn't got it done. I really didn't get to take pictures at all but I took a few.....They didn't even do all the decorating justice! Also I ordered Addie Jane and Jack's shirts off Etsy for 13$ a piece they are way cute!!! Little Turkeys! We had all the good Thanksgiving food, and I ate plenty. Weight Watchers is calling my name. I need to start back up hardcore (at least until Christmas haha).

I am very thankful that we had a safe and happy holiday. This year I am so thankful that Jack is out of his colic stage because last year Thanksgiving wasn't quite as easy. I am happy that my children wake up happy and give me a couple minutes to get my head together and drink my coffee. I am thankful that my husband is doing so well in school, not to mention enjoying it. I am thankful for my job and the awesome people I work with and the friendships I have made there. I am thankful for my parents and his parents and everything they do for us and just being there in general. I am thankful for my friends for being there for me whenever I need them, for babysitting and much more. I am thankful that I have God in my life, and know I can get through anything with Him. I am thankful for so much more and thank God everyday because it all comes from Him.

Although, on a lighter note...... one thing I am NOT thankful for is.....Mary Ella introducing Addie Jane to Barney, I am not a fan of that hahaha. But I suppose you gotta deal with a couple bad things every once and a while.

Guess what?!? Today is ALABAMA V. AUBURN!!

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