Thursday, May 19, 2011

Last day of School

Today was the last day of the kiddos school (mother's day out) until mid June.  I never put up their first day of school picture so I decided to put up a last day since now they actually like school haha!

They make me so proud!

My little man

I feel terrible I never have enough time for a good ole long post anymore.  Basically this little nugget is changing like crazy.  He is def beginning to talk a lot more, finally.  He loves to jump around and jump off things.  Nothing too too dangerous just couches and little chairs. ha.  Jentry and I think that he might grow up to be a professional wrestler??  He loves jumping on people and what not so.....anyway but he is still a little sweetheart with the exception of a couple quick fits.   He is in 24 month clothes and growing!  He is still a great eater and a great climber.  Sleeping good!  Overall he is awesome! He loves jalopeno chips, garlic hummus and pita chips, grilled fish, pasta, apples, bananas, and bell peppers with ranch.  I know that seems like an odd group of food for a boy his age but he eats just like me! Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing but I still love him!

Addie Jane is doing awesome as well, with the exception of the occasional haircut.  She is finally eating great.  When she was younger she was very picky about what she would eat and now she loves celery, carrots, salad (with ranch ha), and even fish! She eats more like her daddy.  She is seriously amazing. I love every minute of being with her and listening to all the things she has to say.  She told my mom yesterday that she needed a whistle and when my mom asked why she came back and said, "because no one ever listens to me!"  Little miss sassy pants.  She can throw the occasional fit but that is just usually with me.  Not sure why but she is 3 so...I guess thats normal.  It is usually just when she is too too tired and refuses to take a nap.  The majority of the time she is just an angle. ha.  She is wearing 4-5t clothes.  I think she has gotta huge compared to last year.  I mean I feel like she is going to be taller than me by kindergarden! She is like 40 pounds too! She makes me laugh everyday with something she says or she does....  We are extremely blessed.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


She just couldn't stay awake.  How cute is that?!

Pool time oh yeah.

Thursday Jec and Deacon came over and we got to play in the pool!  Finally its pool time yay! It was 80-90 and beautiful.  Although today its 60 so who knows what the deal is with Alabama weather. But Jack napped and these little nuggets got the whole pool to themselves.  

 How sweet is this?!

 Addie Jane and Deacon
 Chubbs, love him.
 Smiling for the camera!

Deacon even went down the slide!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Chris and Betsy's Wedding

My and my mom!  She looked so amazing!

 Betsy and Gdaddy
 Me and Jent (he looked amazing in his suit! right?!)
 Finally a somewhat good family picture!
 Little nugget
 Mom and Dad
 My brother Daniel and my mom
 The wedding party
 Betsy and Robin
 The flower girls coming out!
 The flowers girls welcomed everyone as they walked up!
 Cutting Chris's ALABAMA cake! I loved it!
 Amy and Adam
 Gmother and Gdaddy and Jackster
 Getting ready for Chris and Betsy to leave for Disney World!
 Grandaddy and my mom
Grandaddy and Jack
 Haha you can really see his hair issues in this picture!  
 We danced!

 Kristi and Brad
 Ellie Annsley and Courtney
 Chad and Amanda
No time for to describe how beautiful this wedding was and how perfect they are for each other.  It was an amazing day and they could not have asked for better weather.  I am so happy for both of them!!  Here are some pictures!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hair Cuts by Addie Jane= Priceless

So this is what apparently happened yesterday when my mom left Addie Jane and Jack alone for only a short minute.  She came in and saw this on floor.  She called me and said, "Hey did Addie Jane have bang when she came over today (joking) ?"......I said no why ?? She said, "well Ash she does now, she decided to cut herself some..."  I thought I knew this day was coming just didn't know how soon.... Ha!
Keep in mind a lot of this hair is actually Jacks.

This looks worse than it actually is....because I mean honestly there isn't that much a big hair bow can't fix right?!?......Just FYI Addie Jane is a flower girl in a wedding this coming weekend I mean seriously?? Of all the weeks this could have happened but no fear it will get fixed just wanted to show some little before pictures.  It happens.

This pictures does this disaster NO JUSTICE.  It is all jacked up.  I mean bad.  I mean really bad.  I mean I am going to have to shave his head bad.  Some pieces are long and some are short....some are short they are to his scalp.  This is the real problem.  Wish us luck on the head shaving..... serious. Oh by the way Jack has a ton of hair in the back....I can't have short in the front and long in the back we all know that is one big disaster. Mullet.