Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hair Cuts by Addie Jane= Priceless

So this is what apparently happened yesterday when my mom left Addie Jane and Jack alone for only a short minute.  She came in and saw this on floor.  She called me and said, "Hey did Addie Jane have bang when she came over today (joking) ?"......I said no why ?? She said, "well Ash she does now, she decided to cut herself some..."  I thought I knew this day was coming just didn't know how soon.... Ha!
Keep in mind a lot of this hair is actually Jacks.

This looks worse than it actually is....because I mean honestly there isn't that much a big hair bow can't fix right?!?......Just FYI Addie Jane is a flower girl in a wedding this coming weekend I mean seriously?? Of all the weeks this could have happened but no fear it will get fixed just wanted to show some little before pictures.  It happens.

This pictures does this disaster NO JUSTICE.  It is all jacked up.  I mean bad.  I mean really bad.  I mean I am going to have to shave his head bad.  Some pieces are long and some are short....some are short they are to his scalp.  This is the real problem.  Wish us luck on the head shaving..... serious. Oh by the way Jack has a ton of hair in the back....I can't have short in the front and long in the back we all know that is one big disaster. Mullet.

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  1. Sounds like you will have a little "Buzz" on your hands.
    He might be Buzz Jr. once you buzz his hair.