Friday, March 23, 2012

Our outside adventures

We get very muddy. We absolutely play in the dirt. We play in forts. We make mudslides. And I love every minute of it.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Love these kiddos

30 weeks

30 weeks.  Only 10 more to go?? That makes me a little nervous.  Not necessarily about having him, but getting things ready for his arrival is a little scary.  I am sure it will get done just like it did with the other two.  As of last Friday I had gained 12 pounds total and the baby's heartbeat was 141. I was measuring right on track!   I am happy with that, even though I feel like I am showing at lot more with this one.  I am still feeling pretty good.  I am still having a lot of energy but there is always the occasional wave of nausea or a headache.  I am sleeping okay but not great.  Really I am just enjoying this wonderful weather we have been having, I mean really I have nothing to complain about!  We played in the pool and went to the park twice this week.  This was a picture I just took at the park on Thursday, I realized I had not really take an pictures to show how much I am growing! So blessed.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My new love

Harper Annabelle Phillips
I love her.
My first niece. And how perfectly did that work out?? Addie Jane's clothes will line up perfectly for little Harper! She is adorable.  Came out weighing 6lbs 14oz just like Addie Jane.  Two perfect little princesses.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Happy Tuesday and hello spring :)

My new ride

I got a van.  Yep.  I did.  And I LOVE it.  It is almost like once you have one I don't think you can drive anything else.  
And more importantly the kids love it.  Oh, and I would say Jentry is pretty obsessed too.

In fact, Jacy asked us just the other day what we were gonig to do to for our 5 year anniversary.  And Jentry replies, "probably just go somewhere in the van.  It awesome." hahaha.
Oh fun times.

Addie Jane's Birthday part 2, 3, and 4

Ok, so after the aquarium we went over to Boss and Gran Janey's house for a celebration with family.  Even Aunt Jacy was in town from Birmingham.  We, of course, had some cake and it was so wonderful to be able to celebrate with them!!
Micah, Julianne, Jeremiah, and Levi couldn't make it because they are moving to Nashville in a MONTH.  Ah...such a short time.  They are looking for places for to live.  I, for one, am so excited. I love Nashville!  We did miss them but completely understand that they kinda need to find a house pretty soon. Ha! 

 I cannot get enough of this kiddo!

 Janey and Boss got Addie Jane this stroller that she has been wanting forever! It was a great gift she has been playing with it non-stop since we brought it home. 
 Jent spent most the evening practicing for the number 3 (A.k.A sleeping with Baby Harper on his chest)

Then the next Saturday we were off to celebrate at Mona and Papa's.  Uncle D came home from Tuscaloosa.  Melanie and David were of course there too, I mean they are family after all :)
She got a pink helmet 

 And a Hello Kitty stroller from Uncle Daniel!  And you wouldn't believe it but by the end of the night she was really good at it too!  That kid is very gifted.  Don't worry he also got her elbow and knee maybe there won't be too many accidents. ha.
 Even Jack got himself a little pair of camo sunglasses
 Birthday girl and her cake
 Mel Mel and Addie Jane!  The birthday girls (Melanie's birthday was Monday, Feb 27  right before Addie Jane)
 Sweeeeeettt kiddos

Then the next Saturday we had a Princess and Pirates party
Addie Jane and Charlie

 My princess all dressed up from head to toe (literally)

 this was the princess castle
 The princesses and their cake
 Getting all sugared up
 Charlie and Mary Ella

 I was SOOO excited that this little nugget got to come too! Baby Gracie. She is ADORABLE!
 Jack and Deacon
 Lined up opening up presents
 These are just some decorations I made for the party.  I made little owl princesses (That you Lauren and pinterest) to hang all down the trees in the back yard.
And these crowns (thank you Jessica who helped so much with some great ideas to throw a party together) Each girl got a little crown just made with ribbon, scrapbook paper, and little button detail on top! So cute and so easy.

All and all I think her birthday parties were a hit.  I am leaving now, to go pick her up from Haley, and get my little birthday girl home again!  She got some amazing gifts. Therefore I know, even though my AMAZING mother cleaned my house yesterday as a surprise for me, it will soon be destroyed!  But ya know, that is what kiddos are for :)