Monday, March 12, 2012

Celebrating Addie Jane part one

One Addie Jane's actually birthday February 29th Jentry, Jack, Addie Jane, and I hopped in the van (yes, I got a van. I will post on that very soon) and went to Chattanooga to visit the aquarium.  Jent and I both took off work that day because we figure they are only so many times in her life that we will be able to celebrate with her on her actual birthday. We had the most amazing trip.  We felt like we were the only ones in the whole aquarium. It was one of the those days that I did not want it to end.  They kids were awesome and we just had so much fun.  I can't believe I will have another one next year but being around my little ones right now makes me excited for this one.  Addie Jane is now 4 and don't feel bad for her she has had 4 birthday parties.  She is quite the diva sometimes.  Anyway here are a few pictures from her first birthday adventure.

Happy Birthday my little Addie Jane.  I cannot believe you are 4 years old.  So much has happened since you were born. So many cousins have been born :Mary Ella, Jeremiah, Sambo, Deacon, Levi, Gracie, and Harper. And of course Jack-ster. AND Emma Kate will be here in 4 weeks! And Hudson in 10 weeks! So hard to believe!  I cried that morning as we were leaving because it suddenly hit me that she is FOUR.  FOUR.  Yes, FOUR. And she is not going to be a little girl forever and I just have to savor every moment I have with her.  Playing dress up, dolls, doll house, kitchen, doctor, reading, playing teacher, and everything in between.  She is the BEST thing that ever happened to me.  I have NO idea how different my life would have been without her.  As I am tearing up now I need to go off to work!
I should be posting the rest of her birthday adventures hopefully tonight because my cousin, Haley, kidnapped Addie Jane on Saturday for a couple days.  She said Addie Jane and Mary Ella are still in dress up clothes.  Never a dull moment with those two!

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