Saturday, March 17, 2012

30 weeks

30 weeks.  Only 10 more to go?? That makes me a little nervous.  Not necessarily about having him, but getting things ready for his arrival is a little scary.  I am sure it will get done just like it did with the other two.  As of last Friday I had gained 12 pounds total and the baby's heartbeat was 141. I was measuring right on track!   I am happy with that, even though I feel like I am showing at lot more with this one.  I am still feeling pretty good.  I am still having a lot of energy but there is always the occasional wave of nausea or a headache.  I am sleeping okay but not great.  Really I am just enjoying this wonderful weather we have been having, I mean really I have nothing to complain about!  We played in the pool and went to the park twice this week.  This was a picture I just took at the park on Thursday, I realized I had not really take an pictures to show how much I am growing! So blessed.

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