Saturday, December 1, 2012

Recent happenings

No time to type as usual. We are extra busy around here lately. Basically it's been school, beach, sickness, school, Halloween, sickness, healthy time, sickness, and now thanksgiving. I am thankful for the very few day of healthy kiddos I have had this month. Hudson has 2 bottom teeth that have popped through. Crazy. Really he has been in a pretty good mood for cutting 2 teeth at the same time. He sits up by himself and says "ba ba" and "ma ma" yay! Finally i had a baby that says "'mama" first instead of daddy! Anyways here are few pictures of the past month. I still haven updated pictures from our family beach trip in October. I feel ashamed but we have been sooo busy!! I will update more on Hudson and the big kids soon. Have a great day! Roll tide :)

Monday, November 5, 2012

5 months what?!

OK wow.
You are 5 months old and growing like a weed..
Eating baby food like no other. You do not like green beans but love peas and pears. You wear 6-9 month clothes mostly.  You are still are wonderful little nugget.  Your sleeping schedule has been a little crazy recently but that is really just because you had a cold and it was hard for you to get comfortable. You smile all the time.  You want to crawl. BAD. You roll a lot and get up on all fours and rock back and forth. I am fairly certain you will crawl by 6 or 7 months, just like your sister.  Jack walked at 8 and half months but I do not think I am ready for that just yet.  Each day you are getting closer to sitting up by yourself. You love Alabama football, duh.  You are still nursing but you take formula and a bottle just fine.  After our trip to the beach Mona said you had a little problem taking your bottle again so we are slowing trying to just nurse at night and bottle feed during the day.  You seem like you are slowly becoming okay with that. Addie Jane and Jack are obsessed with you. You also started laughing.  Probably the cutest thing I have ever heard or seen. You also, just like your brother and sister, are not a fan of naps. Oh well, it could be worse. Your eyes are light blue.  Crazy.  You are still long but getting chunky! You look like a chipmunk who is storing nuts in his cheeks for winter.  It is adorable.  I love you. I know there is more to say about the changes you have made in the last month but this is all I have for write now.

I love you, Huckleberry (yes, we actually call you that).

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hudson 4 months Oops!

I wrote this post for ever ago.......Just completely forgot to upload it. 

Hudson is growing like a weed.  We are going to the doctor for a 5 month appointment instead of a 4 month just because of insurance and what not.  So, I started feeding him babyfood and to my surprise he really likes it.  At this point he is eating about 1/4 to 1/2 at a time.  He usually has some in the morning and some for dinner.  He takes 4-6 oz at time and if he is nursing he still eat about every 2-3 hours. Sleeping is still pretty good.  There is the occasional wake up call at 4:00 AM but he just eats and then goes right back to sleep.  He loves to lay on the floor and watch the kids.  Rolling over both ways now (tummy to back, back to tummy).  Smiles all the time.  His cheeks are my favorite part about him. I can pretty much take him anywhere without problems.  Jack was not like that so it is a VERY nice change.  I have gotten pretty use to going to the grocery store with the 3 and even unloading the groceries.  He is SO long. SO long.  Huge feet and hands.  Legs are getting a little chubby-ness but nothing like Jack, or Addie Jane for that matter.  He is just loving, snuggly, happy, smiley, adorable, and strong.  I am happy to say that this transistion from 2 to 3 is going very smoothly. 

Thank you God for blessing me with this amazing baby.  I am thankful everyday that I have him in my life. 

Sidenote: He is changed so so much since 4 months.  I canNOT wait to post his 5 months.  Sadly he has lost some hair BOO....but at least he is boy and it's about toboggan season!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Kids' rooms (minus Hudson)

This is what the kids' rooms look like all the time.  Clean. Perfect. Organized.  Oh wait, that is not right.... I forgot it is just once in a blue moon when I clean them.  Oops silly me.  ANYWAYS, I just wanted to share and remember a few pictures of when they are ACTUALLY adorable :)  
Still a little bit of work to be done but you get the idea.
Oh and Addie Jane bedspread got a rip (I wonder why? not like they are rough on their stuff or anything ha) so it is at my mom's getting all sewed up!



Friday, August 24, 2012

School is here!

As usual, I am behind on my blog.  It is a flippin' miracle that I somehow managed to get  Hudson's 3 month update done.  OH well, I am just glad I have the handy dandy Blogger app on my iPhone.  Well, summer has ended and it has been the best summer yet. I have been on an "extra long maternity leave" all summer.  BEST. EVER. We have gone to splash pads, water parks, pools, parks, creeks, Florence, Franklin, and Birmingham.  I am sure there is more but those are just off the top of my head.  Addie Jane has learned to actually swim and Jack can swim like a fish under water, no problem.  Next summer will be amazing.  Hudson is amazing.  Sleeping great at night with his fat face and tiny legs.  He is about 26-26.5 inches long, I measured him last night.  He wears 3-6 month clothes now, but it is still hard to get them snapped, even with a clean diaper. The kids have been so much fun this summer but now it is time for school.  They have been to MDO (mother's day out) 2 days a week for 3 hours but that was over a year ago and now Addie Jane is in school everyday and Jack 2 days a week.  CRAZY.  I might have freaked out a little and I am usually not like that.  WEIRD.  But even weirder (that is not a word but whatever) is that neither one of them cried. Didn't even shed a tear.  I guess that was God's way of telling me that it is going to be OKAY.  I love making the kids' lunches and getting them all dressed up for school.  Not sure why this week the kids' have decided to sleep in but they are sleeping until 8:15-8:30.  Yes, we have to leave the house at 8:40.  That is quite a task.  I have many things I need to update on: Hudson's baby dedication, Grandparents from Texas visiting, family creek fun, splash adventure with the cousins, and even some projects around the house.  But, for now, here are some pictures from their first day at school.
Addie Jane actually started school on Tuesday and Jack on Wednesday but ya know I still wanted them to wear their adorable shirts (by my aunt Aunt Amy)

This was on meet you teacher day

 HAhaha. That face

I let them decide what they wanted for lunch their first day.  Addie Jane chose: vanilla yogurt, goldfish, grapes, pickles, and a honey and peanut butter sandwich. Oh and TWO juice boxes.  She said she gets really thirsty at school.
 Jack wanted a turkey and cheese sandwich,
carrots with "hummus dip", goldfish, and gummies.
He said he only needed one juice box. Ha.


I went shopping on Wednesday with only one kid.  AWESOME. My grandma was in town from Texas this week, so my grandma, my mom, and I went shoe shopping. Successfully I might add :)

 Oh yea, this kid took a nap.  A-maz-ing.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Happy 3 months Hudson

Ok little one, you are 3 months old. It's crazy. I feel like its gone by fast but then again I feel like we have had you forever. So right now you are still the best FC (favorite child is our joke). Sleeping now from about 10pm-6am. Perfect. You still take a bottle and nurse great ;). Although I have never seen it I know you can roll over. From your tummy to your back. You sleep on your tummy now in your crib (that we finally put up sorry about that) and every night when you wake up you are somehow on your back. Sneaky. You pretty much act like your paci is choking you now. Why cant any of my babies take a paci?? You prefer to suck your little hands and/or a blanket. You started laughing 2 days ago. It is adorable and I am sorry to say but you kinda sound like a girl. That's ok, still the sweetest sound I have ever heard. Daddy calls you chuckles. It is so sweet. Your brother and sister are pretty obsessed with you. I am not sure how I would manage without Addie Jane, she helps out all the time. Jack is great too, always wanting to hold you or make you smile. They both get so happy when they can make you smile it is like they won a prize! You are in 3-6 clothes now. No idea on weight or height but you are definitely growing like a weed. I love you little man thanks for letting mommy sleep at night :).