Monday, August 13, 2012

Happy 3 months Hudson

Ok little one, you are 3 months old. It's crazy. I feel like its gone by fast but then again I feel like we have had you forever. So right now you are still the best FC (favorite child is our joke). Sleeping now from about 10pm-6am. Perfect. You still take a bottle and nurse great ;). Although I have never seen it I know you can roll over. From your tummy to your back. You sleep on your tummy now in your crib (that we finally put up sorry about that) and every night when you wake up you are somehow on your back. Sneaky. You pretty much act like your paci is choking you now. Why cant any of my babies take a paci?? You prefer to suck your little hands and/or a blanket. You started laughing 2 days ago. It is adorable and I am sorry to say but you kinda sound like a girl. That's ok, still the sweetest sound I have ever heard. Daddy calls you chuckles. It is so sweet. Your brother and sister are pretty obsessed with you. I am not sure how I would manage without Addie Jane, she helps out all the time. Jack is great too, always wanting to hold you or make you smile. They both get so happy when they can make you smile it is like they won a prize! You are in 3-6 clothes now. No idea on weight or height but you are definitely growing like a weed. I love you little man thanks for letting mommy sleep at night :).

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