Saturday, November 20, 2010


Ahhh......I have been too tired to blog?? What is wrong with me!?? My theory is the kids are getting a little older and very mobile in their ability to get into everything. My friend Lauren made me realize Thursday that I didn't sit down for an entire hour, and not much the whole day. She said I was constantly running around the house picking up after the kids or the dog. WOW. I guess I just didn't notice. Oh well. Lauren came in town and we went an ate lunch. Yea...cheese fries from Wings. Probably not the best idea since I have Margarita Ball (charity ball in Huntsville) to go to tonight. Also, Thanksgiving is next week and I should probably be saving my calories for that, right? Yeah I should. Anyways, kids are good. Jentry is good. I am good. Why? Because 4 out of the last 5 nights Jack has slept through the night. I love it. He seems very happy in the morning and so much better throughout the day. So I got my dress Thursday night Lauren, Jack, and I went shopping and it was quite successful, considering the cheese fries I had ate earlier that day. Hysterical. I am planning on taking a lot of pictures can't wait. I haven't gotten all dressed up and hair done, make up with eye liner and all in a VERY long pre-kids. So it'll be fun to get fancy (as Jent says). Anyway it is Saturday morning Jack and I have been up since 6:00 still waiting on Jent and Addie Jane. I still don't have any shoes to wear and that is kinda a problem I only have a few hours and I really don't wanna buy any. So we will see!!! Today I am still going to clean my carpet and fold all my laundry (4 loads). Still have a LOT to do before tonight. I really wanna go over to my SIL's house see my nephew and their new home. Ugh, I feel disconnected with the world lately. Busy. Working mom + mom that stays at home with both kids on her days off= never getting things done. Especially with 2 kids under 3. You know what I am saying?? There are just certain things you cannot do with little kids around. But then it comes down to....I know I need to do all these things around the house but what if I just wanna lay on the couch and watch Housewives of Beverly Hills??? Yea right. I have come to an understanding that being a mom you do not get time for yourself anymore. For me time to myself is going to the grocery store with maybe just one of the kids instead of BOTH. Oh well, I am sure things will get easier with time....not that they are extra hard just super busy. I am somewhat of a clean freak and it bothers me when my house isn't clean. I have so much I know I need to do like....decorate for Christmas, re-do my living room, decorate outside and everything, clean my bathroom, fold and put my laundry, clean I feel as though I always have that little list in the back of my head. The worst part is I can't take off work cause we need the money, so that's 3 days that I can't do anything. Saturdays lately have been hard, Jentry has school until 12:30-1:00 so I have usually have the kids in the morning and the house becomes worse than before which just adds to everything. When I do get a sitter I just need up spending all that time around the house clean closets and house stuff that it doesn't leave much time for me. Sorry I just had to vent and get that out remind myself for the future. AHH UGH, why am blogging and not getting this stuff done??? AHhhhh ok I am going now!!

Post pictures soon!

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  1. Ugh! I would so babysit both kids for free all the time ...if i lived closer..!!!