Thursday, August 12, 2010

I need to remember this...

Jack said "mama" this week, and has been saying it all the time, yay! It finally happened. Also, his 2 front teeth on the top have started cutting through the his gums, and they are sharp. I can't imagine him having 4 teeth, seriously he is growing up too fast. He has taken 3 steps and can stand up great by himself. Being extra sweet lately too, almost like he is sucking up to get something he wants, but I mean come he is only 9 months he doesn't know how to do that yet, right? Hope not. I also wanted to point out last week, while trying to walk, you encountered a black eye. Really it was like a blood vessel popped, and your right eye was blood red, it was pitiful. You really took it like a champ, I am super proud of you. I never expected you to be anything but extra tough with a big sister like Addie Jane around anyway. Love you little nugget.
On another note, I go to put Addie Jane in my mom's car yesterday and I look at her and say, "OK, bye love you," and give her a kiss, she looks back at me and says (exact quote by the way), "love you too mama, just call if you need me." I thought what??? Then she comes back and says, "just call I will be a Mona's." I died laughing. She is hysterical.... Today she has been sick and we have watching Monsters Inc. and Madagascar about 36 times, it has been actually pretty amazing. It is sad to say this but sometimes the only really good snuggle, quality "girl time" I get to spend with Addie Jane is either after Jack has gone to sleep (which is 9:00 and I am exhausted and so is she) or.....if she is sick. OK, no I never want my child to be sick, but I do like to come to the rescue with a day of snuggling, tons of blankets and pillows, and a lot of TV watching and book reading. Thank you God for these little moments that make me smile for days.

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