Monday, September 13, 2010

Favorite things

These are my favorite colors for the Fall/Winter season that is coming up! My personal fav is Cuckoo for this Color. (bottom right). I have already mentioned that I am into blues and greens this year but this color is the winner.

I just ordered this necklace off Etsy at And being a big Alabama fan I am super excited to have it during football season. I think it is simple enough to wear everyday too, which I love. It is hard sometimes getting ready with the two babies to be able to accessorize the way I would like. This is cute, simple, and easy and I am a big fan.

OK...Lastly I love layering. I have been excited about the cold weather, not only because down in Alabama it is 100+ outside and miserable, but also because I can wear all my cute cardigans and scarfs! Aw.
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