Tuesday, September 7, 2010

BAYcation (WARNING: Picture overload)

Me and Lauren (bad angle ha)

Lauren surfing, she did awesome!
All the flounder we caught!
Lauren's first flounder

Phillips even made a rope swing
Going through the canals to a friends house
I want this....
Me and J
The back"yard"
How neat is this?!
Love it!
Paradise! Chuck(the guy's house we stayed at) made this bar with things he found around the river! Isn't that awesome!?

This weekend I went on vacation with my husband for his birthday. My great friend Lauren that I have known since elementary school and her boyfriend Phillips invited us to Mississippi to visit Phillips' family for the holiday weekend. We weren't exactly sure what we were getting into, but very pleasantly surprised. Phillips' explained the river/bay with these beautiful houses as "camps". So obviously I was thinking camps, like maybe trailers, tents, or RVs. I was very wrong. Everything there was amazing and gorgeous. Beautiful homes with great views and boats everywhere. I had never been to Mississippi before and now I can't wait for the chance to go again. We road around in the boat and went surfing ha (from the back of the boat), ate way too much, played around at the sand bars and even made a stop at the casino. I only had 5 cents so Lauren gave me the rest and I pushed a button and boom I won 20.00$! I was excited but I stopped right there! We went "floundering" where you have a spear thing called a "gig" and basically just walk really slowing on the sand bar (in the dark mind you) and keep your eye out for the flounders that cover themselves in sand. Jentry, Lauren, and I all "gigged" one! It was so fun! The trip was awesome and we were blessed to be able to go! Thank you to my wonderful in-laws for taking care of the babies this weekend and giving us this time together.

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  1. great photos! so glad y'all had a good time! happy bday, jent!