Monday, May 3, 2010

Addie Jane at 26 months! WOW

The child cracks me up constantly, always saying " Hey Mama Ash, what you doin?"She is learning sentences, using verbs and pronouns, and is actually speaking quite clearly. Every morning I hear her wake up, usually with Mack (our dog), and say "Good morning Buddy, hey buddy!" She can sing her "ABC's" and count to 12 perfectly, sometimes can get to 15 but usually misses 13. She sings all the time, and talks 24/7. She loves to play outside and sing. Last week I taught her the cheer that starts off, "2 bits 4 bits 6 bits a dollar....." she loves it and does it all the time!! Every Tuesday for the past year or so Melanie brings us lunch, usually Zaxbys Chick-fil-A, or Schlotzskys, and every Tuesday Addie Jane says, "Mel Mel tea? Bring lunch?" She has such a great memory. Melanie has 2 dogs and 2 cats and Addie Jane always asks about them. We have also been going walking on Tuesdays and Thursday with a friend of mine, Paige, and on those days she always ask me, "Paige coming? Go walking!" She knows Friday night she stays with Gran Janie and Boss, and know the days when she gets to go to her Mona's and play, while mommy has to go to work. When she comes home from staying with "Mona Vic"she tells me all about it, what they did that day, what baby Jack did, and all about the Dogs (Cash and Gracie). She can name a few letters when she sees them like, A, D, V, M, and E. Those she knows well, and we are working on the others. She is using her words great, saying things like "yes she did", "no he doesn't", "yes we are".... basically learning past and present tense. She loves going to Church but doesn't like going to the nursery unless Marley and Braelynn (her little friends that go to Church with us) are there. She feeds Jack his bottle and gives him toys. She always ask to hold him, and give them his "bites". Right now she loves to talk about Baby Sam (my cousin Haley's baby Due June 2nd) and Baby Deacon (my sister-in-law's baby Due July 23rd). She goes "hmm, come out please, come play with me!" Her facial expressions are one the most impressive things about her. They crack me up! All and all she is amazing and we are so thankful for her. Looking forward to summer time and playing in the pool!

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