Monday, May 10, 2010

Check ups

WOW! Last Tuesday we went for the babies doctor appointments. They both had to get shots but did great! Addie Jane got a Popsicle and a little rubber ducky after her shots, so she was good. Addie Jane weighed in at 30.6 pounds in the 86 percentile, looking perfect. Then the doctor look at me and said that Addie Jane grew 6 inches (in just a year)!!! She has always been in the 30-50 percentile for height and she is now 36 inches and she is in the 90 percentile, isn't that crazy? Maybe she doesn't have my genes after all, being that I am only 5 foot. Dr. Stewart said she looked great!
Jack got a bottle right after his shots then we rocked for about an hour, so he was a happy camper. Jack is 20.6 pounds and 28 inches long (90 something percentile for both weight and height). Chunk. I mean really my 2 year old and my 6 month old are only 10 pounds apart, something about that just doesn't seem right to me, but oh well they both look great to me! So glad he is growing big, sitting up great by himself. He can't pull up on his own yet, but can hold onto the couch and stand up himself. He always wants to walk and hates to be on his tummy. I don't know if crawling will ever happen! ;) oh well! No rush on this end, 2 mobile babies might be a little crazy! They are perfect ahhh..... love them! I will upload picture this afternoon! My camera is still not working but I got some from my mom's computer so no worries there!

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