Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A visit from their great-grandparents

My grandparents from Texas got to come and visit the little nuggets a couple weeks ago. They had so much fun. The weather wasn't great that weekend but we made the most of the time we had watching movies and playing all day long, and did I mention we had some great food. My mom cooked some awesome meals, she is amazing at everything, jealous! Monday, of course, I had to work all day but my Mom, Dad, and Grandparents got to take Addie Jane and Jack to the Botanical Gardens. They let Addie Jane get into nothing but a diaper and play in the water and run around, oh well, she is just a kid and it looks like she had fun. Addie Jane came home talking about all the turtles they saw and what they got to eat for lunch that day, she loved every minute of it. Addie Jane warmed up to Grandma (Mimi) fast but Grandpa it look a couple of days! Never scared of him by any means, but just didn't know if she wanted him to hold her just yet. But once Addie Jane saw he had pictures on his computer they were best buds. They set and looked at all kinds of pictures. So adorable.

How lucky am I to get to wake up to these smiling nuggets everyday!

Mimi and Addie Jane in matching hats!

Grandpa and Addie Jane warming up to each other on the computer!
My beautiful little girl greeting Mimi and Papa as they drive up! How sweet!

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