Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jack's 2 month check up

Today Jack had his 2 month checkup, even though he is technically 11 weeks, but anyhow Dr. Stewart had nothing but wonderful things to say. I absolutely love our pediatrician. Jack just looked at him and smiled. Jack is such a morning baby. Right when he wakes up he is all smiles. Jack is 23 inches long now, and weighs 13.2 pounds. He is one pound away from doubling his birth weight, I am a very proud Mom. His head size is great and Dr. Stewart said, "Ashley, he isn't just close to perfect, he is perfect, everything looks amazing. Great job!" I was extremely happy to hear that, he had gotten the awful stomach bug on Sunday, it scared me half to death, but he is doing much better. He is a little fighter. He had to get 3 shots today, but he only cried for about 5 mins. Poor baby. Now he is ready for some Alabama Football tomorrow yay. ROLL TIDE.

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