Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Addie Jane is becoming more musically gifted everyday. She sings songs such as; "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", her "ABC's", "Rain Rain Go Away", "Jesus Loves Me", and many more. We are so proud of her. Jentry's family is very talented, so I know that is where she gets it. Jentry and I both love the fact that Addie Jane is talking a lot more, not only when she needs or wants something, but just to say something like, "I love you", or the color of something. At this stage her favorite thing to do is, play doll house and boss around Mack, our 1 and half year old boxer. This morning, although it is only 9:00, we have already played doll house, dress up, colored pictures, and in the process of putting rollers in her hair, just like Mommy. She is such a blessing, I could never imagine my life without her.
Jack on the other hand, not suprisingly ahead of schedule, is already trying to roll over. Everyday he is growing, and changing. I forgot how much those little newborns change just from day to day. It is a little early for him to be hitting all of his major milestones, but he is smiling a lot more which makes Jentry and I, both, extremely happy. I have come to a decision that he looks more like me than Jentry. Jack's eye's are bigger than Addie Jane's were, and I think his will be blue. So adorable. I am excited to see the changes in him in the next few months. All in all he is holding his head up great, sleeping about 5-7 hours straight a night, making great eye contact, and trying to roll over. We are so proud of him.

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