Monday, January 11, 2010

Back to work...

OK, it has been 12 weeks since I left work, today was my first day back, but I didn't realize how much I miss work. I don't think it is necessarily "work" I miss, but the people I work with that I miss. We have all become such good friends in the 2 years I've worked there. For me, it is nice to have conversations with people who can actually understand me, ha. Everyone I work with is amazing. We are all very different, yet are great friends. I guess when you are around someone everyday you learn to just laugh at the little things that might usually bother you. I think sometimes we have a too much fun together, especially on Monday's. Monday's at work are generally slow, it was nice to come back on a slow day. So far I have remember almost everything, not much has changed. I am a little rusty on giving out gift cards, but you know that happens. Our system has been updated, but basically the same. Addie Jane starts Mother's Day Out at Whitesburg Baptist Academy next week, she calls it "school" and is so excited. Since her school starts next week, I am only working one day this week so my poor mom doesn't have to watch both babies all day again, they can be a handful. I am slowly easing back into a normal work week, but still part time. I miss the babies tremendously. I feel like it is always nice to have a break, it makes you really appreciate the time you have with them. Check out Terrame's website! Seriously, it is addictive! Best spa and salon EVER!

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