Monday, May 13, 2013

Easter pictures. Yes, I am a little behind.

Easter pictures, ya know from a month and half ago?? Right, Easter.

He is Risen, He is Risen, indeed!!!!
Thank you Jesus for loving us so.

Let me just be the first to say my boys were looking extra handsome that day.
Jordan clan (minus Jeremiah and Levi) on Palm Sunday
So proud of this picture of all the kids ACTUALLY smiling and kinda looking at the camera.
Our inside Easter egg hunt at Boss and Janeys on Palm Sunday
Charlie, Grandaddy, and Jack
Addie Jane with one of the bunnies Grandaddy got for his great-grands

Sam, Mary Ella, Addie Jane, and Jack

Mary Ella would only hold the bunny like this and the bunny actually stayed like this for like 30 min.
Jack with the bunny

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