Monday, May 13, 2013

April fun days

Our April has been amazing. We have had several playdates, but I am missing my neice, nephew, and SIL for sure.  I am happy to have friends who have babies around Hudson's age.  Nothing says cute like two babies playing together. Addie Jane and Jack make friends wherever we go.  I love how kids are at their ages so full of energy and imagination. We have been going to some really fun places like the Drive-through Animal Safari, Botanical Gardens, and Hays Nature Preserve....and of course our weekly trip to Chick-fil-A.
Botanical Gardens. I love this place they have water features everywhere and they also have little 10 inch deep water ponds the kids can play in! It is perfect for a hot day!

Hudson and Davis Burns at Chick-fil-A

James and Hudson

Hudson and Davis Burns just playing a little checkers.
We went to the drive-through animal safari here in Huntsville

Hays Nature Preserve see-saw (I want this at my house)


Kidventure train rides

Eating breakfast saying cheese!
Playing at Hays Nature Preserve

Hudson, little Huckleberry.

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