Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jack is 8 months! little nugget is 8 months, this has gone by way too fast. He has changed so much since 7 months. Still isn't crawling. DUH. He tries for 3-5 min gets frustrated and then its mommy to the rescue. Pulling up great and walking around all the furniture and seriously getting fast. He loves to walk when you hold his little hands. I am not sure he will actually crawl to be honest, oh well not a big deal. He loves Addie Jane so much and already looks up to her in many ways. I think seeing her walk and "be big", as Addie Jane says, is the real reason Jack is not trying to crawl. He laughs all the time and is becoming a lot more vocal. Front to teeth are completely in and looking adorable, if I do say so myself. I love the way he looks at me with those huge brown eyes, melts my heart every time. Jack, becoming mobile is going to be a challenge for us I think, we are going to have a baby proof again. Addie Jane didn't get into much at that age, but Jack already (and he isn't even completely mobile) is in everything. I am sad to say he is already 8 months, but so excited and blessed to be able to watch the next stages in his life, which are my favorite by the way.

Ok...How adorable is this robe. I bought it at a consignment shop and it's way to small but I couldn't help myself from basically forcing him into it
That's the look I was talking about....

Playing peek-a-boo in the curtains how cute!!!


  1. okay, the little robe is TOO cute!! i can't believe he's already 8 months, either. we love baby jack!!

  2. happy 8 months, Jack! love you to pieces!

  3. I can't believe is such a BIG BOY and oh, so cute!