Monday, June 7, 2010


Ok.... I really really love to read, but recently between work and my wonderful family, I haven't had time to start or even finish a book. The only way would be to stay up until 3:00AM, which is exactly what I did. Opps. Well, see what happened was ,I love this author Emily Griffin and I have read all of her books, and now then she came out with a new book, "Heart of the Matter." To me, Emily Griffin's books are just an easy read, and they often start off slow and then all of a sudden I am so sucked in that I literally cannot sleep until I have finished the book. All my thoughts somehow come back to what is going to happen in the end of this book! Actually, I saw on her website that my favorite book of her's, "Something Borrowed" is coming to the big screen and has an awesome cast including: Kate Hudson, Colin Farrell, John Krasinski (love him), Ginnifer Goodwin and Colin Egglesfield. I think it is going to be "Something Borrowed" is the first book in a 2-part series, which means they have to make the second book into a movie, "Something Blue." How exciting. So that's one great thing that has happened lately, I got to read a book. Other than that, I am still doing pretty good on weight watchers, but I still have a long way to go. Yesterday, the babies were napping and Jentry was fishing, and I decided to redo the playroom. I moved some furniture around and gave away some old toys. I feel so much better already :)

What else is happening? Jessica (my sister-in-law) and John, her husband, have moved to Huntsville. I am so thrilled about this for so many reasons. First off, they are expecting a baby boy, Deacon, on July 23rd. It is going to be such a blessing having baby Jack, Jeremiah (my first nephew, who will hopefully be moving up here soon), and Deacon grow up together. Second off, I love being able to have a double date night, where we all get along. I mean.... not to say we don't get along with other couples, I am just saying Jentry doesn't warm up to people as easy as I do, I mean I can talk to a brick wall. Ha. But Jentry and John get along great, maybe a little too great. They already went fishing 3-4 this week! I'm guessing they just need some guy time. Anyways like I was saying I am thrilled to have them here in Huntsville and excited to watch the next chapters in their life.

Jack is crazy. In an unbelievably sweet way. He is a perfect size, pretty long and still chunky. Trying incredibly hard to pull up on things and he is getting closer and closer everyday. Now, crawling we are trying harder at, but still something I am not quite ready for just yet. I still think he would rather just walk and be done with it. Not quite sleeping through the night, no surprise there, but we'll live. He loves the pool, I mean obsessed. Right now my favorite thing he does is laugh. I love to watch him. I love to listen to him. Everything about that little nugget makes me smile.

Addie Jane has always been crazy, and lately not much has changed about that. Still loving to sing and swim. When we go to the pool she is swimming around with "swimmies" on, but without me holding on to her at all. I think by the end of the summer she might be able to swim a little by herself no "swimmies" needed. She amazes me everyday. I don't know how to describe the feeling you, as a mother, get when your child does something new. I mean...WOW. I never want to forget these moments I have with them.

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