Thursday, June 7, 2012

Week 1: family of 5

Again posting from my iPhone. This should have been published May 20th but ya know I'm behind. We had Hudson's 4 day check up on Thursday, May 17 he was back up to birth weight 6.8lbs and he had grown half an inch. So happy to hear that he was gaining weigh!! I thought he was eating well but it's always nice to hear it from the doctor. He is sleeping a lot but the best part of that is he is sleeping 4-5 hours straight at night!! Amazing. He got upgraded to FC (favorite child). Haha! Only joking. We survived the first week too easily, even with Addie Jane and jack both being sick with very high fevers. Thanks to my mom and mother in law for their help watching them that first week!! It's been amazing.
His hair is blonde and crazy. Like a little bird. I see so many people when I look at him. I always see jentry because of his eyebrows, it's a jordan thing. Then, he has my dads chin and reminds me in some ways of my brother. He has long long fingers and toes so maybe he will be built like my little brother... tall and thin ( just so you know my little brother is 6'2 and weights about 180 and just to clarify I am only 5'1 and yes, it is not fair ha). I got excited i have to admit because Hudson's eyes look like they may be blue/green! Both my other children have beautiful big browns eyes, which I LOVE, but I really want one of my children to have some feature that looks like me! I mean I did give birth to them! Well here are pictures from week 2 with the little peanut (too small to be a nugget as of now).

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