Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hudson is here! May 13,2012 6:18PM

Not even sure how to explain how happy i feel at this moment. Hudson is here, healthy and perfect. He was my mothers day surprise and the best present imaginable. Friday I went to my normal check up with Dr. Harris only being about 37.5 weeks I did not expect him to say that I was 4.5cm dilated and ready to go!! Such a shock because with Addie Jane and jack I went up to their due date so I assumed this pregnancy I would do the same. Ha. Saturday my mom and I went went shopping ALL day and got pedicures. We walked a a ton and I think that is what did it for me. Sunday I woke up and started getting everyone ready for church but as i was walking around I kept feeling like I was peeing on myself?? Strange feeling. Well, I thought about it and thought "oh no!" maybe that is amniotic fluid! Well I googled it and read a little bit and thought okay I will just wait go ahead to church then call Dr Harris and see what he has to say. After church i called the doctor. I assumed knowing Dr. Harris we would just tell me to come in on Monday and he would check me again. Well....I was wrong he told us to go ahead and go to the hospital. Really! Right now?!?!? wow. Anyways, I grab a few things, jentry drops the kiddos off, and we head down to the hospital. I STILL at this point think we are just gonna go in, he gonna make sure everything is okay and the we will be going home. NOPE nurse came in said "well, looks like it is delivery day!!!!", ummm, excuse me?! This is really happening right now? Ah. It was like dream. A really really great dream. I was so excited. At this point in the pregnancy I was getting pretty uncomfortable and feeling pretty terrible to be quite honest. We called our parents and they spread the word. Then came the actual delivery part...... It is really hard and almost embarrassing to put in words the actual delivery. I was 5cm my mother and mother in law were about to leave because my labor was slowing down a bit. Probably because of my AWESOME epidural. But anyways, they were about to leave, like literally walking out the door when Dr. Harris came in to check me again and said "it is push time." in the most laid back nonchalant voice ever. Well, I started laughing and jentry calls my mom and Jane back in the room. I am at the point talking to Jane (my MIL who is a nurse so I love having her in the room to help me out) and my mom and jent are walking up to the bed. I am talking to jane laughing because I was so tired and confused on the fact that he was coming that fast. Well I kept laughing and couldn't stop. Then finally, I pushed once and there he was.... Hudson cole Jordan weighing in at 6.8lbs 18 inches long and a head full of blond hair. Amazing. He brought me laughter and joy during labor now that's a sweet baby. He is tiny and perfect in every way. He fits into newborn or premie cloths. He has extremely long fingers. He looks like jacks twin with more hair. He has a dimple on his chin that is the cutest thing in the world. He nurses like a champ, better than both the other kiddos. Addie Jane is pro big sister and is loving him. Jack is great too playing with his buzz, woody, and jesse dolls he will eventually notice Hudson is here. We are so happy!

Please forgive me for spell checks and crazy layouts if there are any my computer is down so I'm blogging from my phone. I love me iPhone.

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