Sunday, June 10, 2012

What we have been doing (picture overload)

Ok well still on my iPhone just haven't had time to look at my computer. Hudson will be one month on Wednesday. can you believe that?? I can't. I will be posting soon on all the new and sweet little things he has been doing. I feel like he is changing so much.
In past couple weeks we have been to a splash pad out in Hartselle twice, Florence 3 times, and the pool like every other day! It's been great! We have been able to hang out with Aunt Jec, D, and Harper a lot, which has been great for us! We got to make it for Sambo's 2nd birthday! It was Toy Story themed and as usual Haley made it awesome!! We also got to see aunt Julianna and the boys and get another picture of all 7 cousins! We have made the most of being off work all summer and thank goodness it is just the beginning of June. We still have a few things on our bucket list we have to scratch off but I know we get there. Here are a few pictures of our fun times in the last couple weeks!

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