Thursday, February 16, 2012

We sure are brave!

I would say 3 pregnant women with with 6 kids going out in public= VERY brave
 Aubrey (Marley's mom) and I are both due end of May and my sister-in-law, Jessica, should be having her baby like.... today!  And my other SIL, Julianne, has a 6 month old and 2 year old.  I have to say I was actually very impressed with how smoothly everything went.  Normal people would stay home but those people must have not had Rosies haha!  It is my favorite and one of my biggest cravings this pregnancy. We played at our house for a couple hours before heading out on our adventure. Jack just wanted to lay by Levi and play with him.  I can already tell he is gonig to be an amazing big brother.  
 Levi (6 months), Jack (2 years) Deacon (19 months) Marley (3 years) Addie (almost 4) and Jeremiah ( 2 years)

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