Saturday, February 11, 2012

Baby Stuff

I had my 25 week appointment today (I'll be 26 weeks Sunday!) and it went great! The baby's heartbeat was 157 and my total weight gain is right at 10 pounds, which I am pretty happy with.  Everything went very well..I am so thankful.  This little nugget kicks like crazy.  I guess this one is going to be a soccer player. Last week my mom surprised me and got me a Nap Nanny!! I am so excited.  My doctor had told me how they help if your baby has colic (which Jack did) so I wanted to be prepared this time. I am SO excited to see this little one.  My best Friend, Anna just had her baby, James, last week and he is absolutely adorable.  He is still in NICU because his lungs weren't fully developed because he was born at 36 weeks.  He is doing better everyday so please keep the prayers coming for them!  Also, my SIL, Jessica, is having her baby girl any day now!  I cannot wait to see her beautiful face and see Deacon as big brother!  

 I want this as my mother's day present/ push present (a present you get for pushing a baby out haha)

 This is the baby bedding.  The walls are still turquoise/blue and I am leaving the curtains which are green, brown, and blue stripes and just going add grey and salmon in a few different areas in the room.  I have a lot of elephants in Jack's room but this baby's room I am going to use giraffes.  Hopefully I will have time to paint some cute things before the baby's arrival. I am hoping to buy a grey and white chevron rug for the nursery as well.

 I found this on and I love it.  It is perfect.
Nap nanny.  Keep in mind this thing is actually HUGE.  Jack can even lay in it haha!

Also I want a diaper bag from Amy Rutledge  :) just sayin'

 I will post more ideas soon!

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  1. My name is Ashlie my hubbys is kyle and im in love with the neckless u post where can I get that!