Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas (a little late)

Kind of running low on time and there is the fact that I am completely exhausted soooo therefore this is going to be a "picture blog" but I will say Christmas was amazing. The babies had so much fun and so did we. We are truely blessed with an amazing family and amazing friends. Thank you God for everything you have done for us.

Jentry and the kids coming down the stairs Christmas morning
Family pic (I look like a disaster ha of well it was early ha)
Addie Jane saying, "See??? I am smiling I am SO happy!"
Opening up her first present
Checking out their new car!!! (picture doesn't show it but they really were SO excited and I was so excited I couldn't even take pictures!)
Baby D
Some present from Jessica and Julianne (By the way Julianne hand stitched the snowman on that shirt HOW CUTE???)
Also made by Julianne a shirt for Jack
Jentry's roommate in college got the kids this Alabama tag for their new car how great?!!?
Jack enjoying a little morning cookie
Since their was so much snow the kids had to ride around in my parents garage
(I love how Jack has his elbow hanging over the door so cute he looks so serious)

We had a wonderful Christmas. My parents got the kids a HUGE swing set which we will putting up very soon for Christmas. That is going to be a huge blessing during the warmer seasons. I love taking them to the park but having the convinence of having something like that at my own house will be wonderful. The car has already came in quite handy getting them occupied and all. Addie Jane can really drive that thing! I am going to go through the house and take pictures of all the gifts we got and they were all perfect!

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