Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What happened to blogging everyday..

Addie Jane "around" Christmas time this year!

"Baby Jack" at Christmas last year!
Addie Jane on Christmas morning last year!
Jack at Christmas this year (looking like a first grader)
Thanks for the pic Jec!

Blogging is my favorite thing ever but I have been a little bit behind on everything...sorry about that. Mostly I have sorry to myself I have missed my entire monthly update on the kiddos. Probably because this month was way different, Jack changed tremendously. Walking is now running and babbling is now talking. Crazy. He has become a lot more independent, learning to play and entertain himself for a little bit. It's nice but also hard at the same time to have that child who wants you to play with them all the time, it really makes it hard to get things done. So, becoming more independent is great! Also getting a lot taller I think. He has been 18-24 month clothes for a while and they use to be a little long but not anymore they are perfect. ALSO most nights he is sleeping great and even sleeping until about 8:30 in the morning!
-saying Mama, baba, there, D, Dada, hi, bye, this, ball, daa (for dog), moo for cow, amen, and rrrr (for roll tide), bite (he sticks his entire hand in his mouth). There are probably a couple I am leaving out but ya get it he is becoming a lot more vocal.
-He knows where your eyes, nose, ears, and mouth are.
-He can point out most people if you say their name and a couple animals.
-Climbs on everything and anything.
-Eats WONDERFUL...anything.
Just a typical amazing 1 year old. Learning something new everyday!

Addie Jane is doing great as well. So sweet and thoughtful, of course she will throw her occasional terrible 2's fit but not often. She is still having a hard time sleeping and I know that is our fought I take complete responsibility. Other than that she is always saying, "I love you!," and saying the sweetest things. Finally learning to help clean up her toys, its great because she can really influence Jack to clean up his as well. She was NOT scared of Santa in the least bit, in fact she was SUPER excited about meeting him, I mean jumping up and down crying of excitement to meet was adorable. (Oh yea, Jack is NOT a Santa fan ha). She has made several list this year. Usually she sits down at her desk with a real intense look on her face with a pen and paper, it's very sweet. Decided she want a car, a doll, and baby dog. I guess we will just have to see what she gets! I am so excited because Addie Jane is so expressive I can hear and see her face she will give a great performance of excitement. For example, last week I bought her some just plain normal pink panties and she goes, "oh Mama! These are so cute! I love them, where did you get them, I love them!" Extreme excitement about pink panties so I am hoping Christmas morning goes a little like that. Oh and she made a list for Jack that included a pink bike (tricycle). She is excited to about Christmas and even decided herself that we need to make Jesus a birthday cake! I thought that was SO sweet. I love her!!

Ok as for me, I really need to get on Christmas shopping because this is ridiculous. When is Christmas, oh yeahh, 3 days. GREEEAAATTT. Haha. I will get it done somehow!

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