Monday, July 12, 2010

so much has changed much has changed in the last week. For one, I am an Aunt again YAY! I have the 2 most precious nephews in the whole world Jeremiah ( and Deacon (born July 9, 2010 7.4 pounds 19 inches long I am truly blessed to be part of such a wonderful family. Deacon came two weeks early and is just perfect. We are so happy for John and Jessica at this time in their life, and excited to see what happens next. Being a parent is amazing gift from God, Congrats John and Jec! I will be updating pictures of the little nugget ASAP.
On to other somewhat great news.... ha. Jack out of nowhere started to crawl. It really is great news I was just joking. On Tuesday, Addie Jane and I went to the car for no lie 45 seconds to get her flip flops (that she is freaking obsessed with) and when we came back inside, Jack was in the playroom (about 10 feet away from where I left him) ....I was like "umm what??" So, now we are baby proofing again and watching my little nugget follow me everywhere! He is much happier now. Funny thing is though, he keeps one leg straight is kind of a lop-sided crawl. Don't let that fool you he can still go pretty fast! Very proud mommy.

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