Thursday, April 8, 2010


We had the best time Sunday afternoon, it was very hot, but gorgeous outside. After we got home, we took some family pictures, but baby Jack fell asleep on the way home, and I couldn't keep Jentry or Addie Jane in their church clothes much longer, so we never got a good family shot of all four of us :( oh well, maybe another weekend! After pictures, we ate lunch YUMMY, then Addie Jane and Charlie played, they always have so much fun together! We had a little Easter egg hunt with Addie Jane, Mary Ella, and Charlie. Addie Jane wasn't too interested, but Mary Ella seemed to like it, I think she kept looking inside for candy ha ha. Once the egg hunting died down we went to go feed the horses and Addie Jane got to drive the truck. Jack passed out again, so he missed out on going to see the horses. I don't think he cared much though. Here are some pictures from our wonderful day!

This is my cousin Charlie I love this picture. (you can't see it well, but notice his monogrammed hat....sooo cute)
On his egg hunt
Addie Jane driving the truck
My cousins and Grandaddy feeding the horses
Addie Jane
Mary Ella Jack passed out
Addie Jane riding Charlie's little tractor. Now she wants one so bad.
Jack in his tractor outfit ha ha. I love it.
My favorite Easter picture. I love their matching outfits. Mary Ella and Addie Jane had the same dress on too, but I never got a picture of them together on my camera, but trust me they looked adorable.
Family picture. (why is my little brother so tall..stupid)
Love her.
Addie Jane and Sam...she was loving all over him, isn't he huge?!
Isn't he a cutie??


  1. Those pictures are so great! You look gorgeous and I want to know how you do your hair like that??? ;)

  2. Ok, first of all, I love your hair blonde again. Love it! You and Jent are so beautiful together! And the kiddos melt my heart in their matching easter outfits. Could just eat them up! We have to get together soon! So much to catch up on!!! Love!

  3. I love love love all these pictures... Like I've said plenty of times before, you have such a beautiful family :) I always get a joy at looking at your blog. Addie Jane & Jacks outfits are absolutely precious and you and Jent of course are as beautiful as ever.. Love you bunches.. Glad you had a great Easter! :)