Thursday, April 22, 2010

Best Friends

Yes, I am a slacker on the blog lately, but I am determined to update tons and tons today ha ha. These are a few pictures of Addie Jane and Mary Ella at the Atlanta Aquarium. My mom, Amy, Haley, and I took Addie Jane and Mary Ella to Atlanta for a spend the night trip. We went to Ikea and shopped Tuesday and Wednesday morning we went to the Atlanta Aquarium, which is amazing. I had so much fun, Addie Jane loved it, will be definitely be going again soon.

Addie Jane holding on to the bars all by herself!

How cute is this picture they were running up and tickling each other! It was so funny to watch!

Addie Jane and me looking at the huge fish!

They would walk and wonder off holding hands without us, they had the best time!

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