Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What have we been doing?

Well, let me update you on what has been happening in our lives.

Me, I have started back to work 3 days a week now, but honestly I think I am going to have to cut down to 2 days. Jack is still not quite sleeping through the night, but getting there. I have been become OBSESSED with "The Biggest Loser" I can't miss it, and cry every episode. Jentry and I have been watching a new show on TV called "White Collar" on USA. It is about a con artist who recently got caught by the FBI but instead of going to prison he works with them to help solve cases. It is so interesting and has a lot of great twist. I would call it a must see. I had recently, about 1 week after Jack was born, died my hair brown. I did love it, but it just wasn't really me, and this week I went back to dirty blond, and I love it. I feel like myself for sure. I love change. Also I have recently started drinking Diet Coke (not normal for me to have soft drinks) but I am trying to quit, I just like the caffeine. This weekend is Valentine's Day but I am hoping to get sometime where I can re-do the house, maybe do a little thrift store shopping, etc. My absolute favorite thing to do is rearrange, redecorate, re-do anything I can find. My goal this weekend is to re-cover my lamp shades. I am also I big fan of Anthropologie, of course everything there is over our price range I have to decided that for my birthday I want everyone to give me a gift card there, I don't care if its 5 or 10 or what, I want to save up money to buy like 3 or 4 pillows for my couch and kitchen knobs. That's my goal. They have the greatest house stuff. Well that's pretty much what is going on with me, all of that, and trying to loose weight, as usual.

Addie Jane is WOW, amazing. I mean she has been saying so many sentences and putting all of her words together so well, it is crazy. She will say things like, "Addie go work...Dada Bear." Which means "Addie Jane go to work with Daddy" ha. Oh and by the way, Jentry calls Addie Jane "Addie Bear" and now Addie Jane will call Jentry "Dada Bear" it is SO cute! Also, she has been swimming in the bath tub, laying on her stomach and putting her face in the water. She is a brave little girl. She is always talking about going to the pool and the beach. She is constantly doing something all the time, whether it be playing in her doll house, drawing, jumping off furniture, or just getting into anything she can find, she is always moving. Very active little thing. She doesn't enjoy TV or movies unless its nap time or bedtime. Then she loves, "Madagascar" and her movie about animals on the farm. If you ask her what she wants for her birthday she says. "EMU!!" She loves loves loves Emus. I think they are scary personally. Right now she has 2 favorite books, "Go Dog! Go" and "Are you my Mother" both are Dr. Seuss books. In "Go Dog! Go" it really helps the children learn words like: above, below, up, down, here, there, large, small, ect. She has got those all down now. She can read word like "Go" and "dog" just from reading the book so much. She loves to read books, she looks at Jentry or me and say, "Read more books please." Now she can tell us, what color clothes she wants to where, what she wants to eat, if she is thirsty, or tired, or basically anything. It really makes things so much easier, until......... the fit throwing starts. ha. I know its coming. As for now though, she is awesome, and it has been such a blessing watching her grow. She will be 2 in 18 (or 19 ha ha since the 29th doesn't come around this year) days.

Jack, what can you say? He is getting so big, he weighs about 14 pounds now, he eats all the time. Everyone says it is because he is a boy. Jack is funny, when you are looking and talking to him, he is laughing and smiling at every little thing you say and then once you look away he screams as if you hit him. ha ha. He loves attention, and he definitely gets it. He is getting his personality in and loves when Addie Jane talks to him. He has rolled over 5-6 times now, getting it down pretty good. I don't what I will do when he is completely mobile. Still has no hair but at least he doesn't have to wear a bow right? He is wearing his 6-9 month clothes right now. I didn't expect that, he still hasn't worn all his 3-6 month! I forgot how fast babies grow, it truly amazing. Sleeping now 4-5 straight, which isn't great but what are you going to do, right? Addie Jane slept through the night at 2 months. I can remember when Jentry and I went to the British Virgin Islands and Addie Jane stayed in Huntsville with my grandparents from Texas, and she did great, but everyone tells me boy and girls are just different. No 2 babies are alike. He is still sweet and I am excited to watch him grow. Everyday is a new day with him, doing something different everyday. I can't wait to get him in the pool this summer. I think he will really love it, because he LOVES his bath so much. Cross your fingers :)

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  1. I loved reading this Ashley! You are such a good writer! That's hilarious Addie Jane wants an EMU hahah!!! I can't wait to see her, I miss her terribly! One day you should have a blog titled, "Katie & Addie= BFF" lol... Jack has gotten so big! I miss him too! I feel bad I don't give him as much attention, but that is Addie's fault... well, hopefully I'll see you next weekend or week sometime! Loveyou lots!!! -Katie