Saturday, February 27, 2010

I am about to have a 2 year old....

OK you have got to be kidding me, Addie Jane is about to be 2 what?! In case you didn't know Addie Jane was born on leap year, so she doesn't technically have a birthday this year. We have decided to celebrate on the last day of February every year, whether that be the 28th or 29th. Today we have birthday party at the The Little Gym at 5:30 a lot of family and friends are coming and we are super excited. Addie Jane takes her "gymnastics" class there, which is really just time for them to run around like crazy but learn how to wait their turn, be patient, learn hand and eye coordination, share, and things like that, it has been really great for her. We are expecting about 10 kids. WOW it is going to be crazy but at least we don't have to clean up. I got Addie Jane the most adorable outfit I have ever seen. I would describe it, but I want it to be a surprise when you see it tomorrow.
In the past year Addie Jane just like any 2 year old has changed so much. Right now she can jump on two feet over different things, knows about any word you want her to say, and tell you exactly whats she wants. One thing about Addie Jane that I have been impressed with is her ability to put different things, whether is be something that person said to her, or something she just remembers about them, but for example last summer she went to visit my grandparents in Texas on an airplane, and ever since then every time she hears or sees an airplane she goes "Mimi Papa BIG airplane." It is just crazy she can remember something that long ago. My cousin Katie also had a turtle once and Addie Jane saw it and ever since then it was "Katie turtle?" ha ha. Here are a few saying that she says when I mention someones name:

  1. Me Ma (also known as Mary Ella)- "I do" She noticed last time we were in Birmingham at Haley's, that Mary Ella would say I do, all the time.
  2. Haley- "boy (insert name I just don't want to spoil it), come out belly" Haley is having a boy in June, and Addie is always wanting him to come out of her belly and play.
  3. Betsy (Betbets)- "oh well" Something she heard Betsy said once or twice.
  4. Amanda (Manda)- "No chad" Addie Jane is only a fan of my Uncle Chad from a distance. Ha.
  5. Kristi- "Brad at work" Brad is usually still at work when we are in Florence during the day, and she always put Brad and Kristi together.
  6. Amy- "Bell no bite!" Amy and Robin have a dog named Bell, it has never bit Addie Jane but when goes over there Robin and Amy both say, no bite Bell.
  7. Dada Bear- "No big deal" Funny story, Addie Jane and I went to Target to get a few things and I let her get some bubbles. She was holding them in her hand when she decided to throw them all over the floor, they went everywhere, and some boy workers had to clean them up. Addie Jane came home and told Jentry the story and he replied with, "No big deal, it ok." She has been saying it ever since.
  8. Baby Jack- "be HAPPPPYYY" As we all know Jack can be kinda fussy and so Addie Jane always tells Jack "Come on Baba Jack be HAPPY!" Always in a loud but happy, energetic voice.
  9. Jessica ( and she actually says JESS-IC-CA 3 syllables)- "Tucka....boy" John and Jessica have a dog named Tucker who Addie Jane just loves, and now Jessica is having a baby boy due in July. Addie Jane has finally grasped the concept that Jessica has a baby in her belly.
  10. Julianne (JuJu)- "Micah?, baba Jeremiah, hold it" Jeremiah is Addie Jane's first cousin, and my first nephew, we love him. She always wants to hold him.
  11. Mona Vicki (she says Mona Bicki)- "Cash Gracie, bang bang house" Across the street from my parents house, they have been building a new house FOREVER. Addie Jane would always here loud banging over there so she calls it the "Bang bang house." She always will say things like book, animals, bicycle, and other things they play when she is over there. Cash and Gracie are my dogs, that live with my parents. Ha.
  12. Papa (now she is calling him Papa Jepp)- "doll house, plato, animals, read books". These are activities that my Dad and Addie Jane always play together.
  13. Gran Janie- usually sings this song they made up that, "Jacy Bable where are you, come and play!" Everyday she comes home from being at their house it seems like she is singing. So adorable.
  14. Boss-"Miles?" Behind their house is a little Boston terrier named Miles, every time she goes over there Boss (Jentry's Dad) always takes her to go see him, it makes her so happy.
  15. Daniel (D)- "Alex hop hop" or "at school" Alex, is my brother's girlfriend and she has a rabbit names Petunia and Addie Jane met her so, of course now she is constantly talking about it.
  16. Alex- "tunia tunia" Obviously what she calls Petunia.
  17. Grandaddy/ Grandmother- "tractor drive, feed horse" When we go over to my Grandparents house Grandaddy lets her sit in his lap and drive in the field to go see my Great Uncle Jimmy's horse.
  18. Mimi/Papa- "Airplane biggg, Addie go see" (see paragraph above) She is always wanting to go back, and I tell her don't worry they are going to come here this summer and play. She is looking very forward to that.
  19. Curtis and Tyler (Jentry's best friends since High School, she calls Uncle Dirt and Moose both still in College)- "School, yea, come home soon"
  20. Anna- "gum, mint" A while back Anna came to babysit Addie Jane and gave her a mint, gum, and lipstick, so every time I talked about her that's all she says. Also Anna has thesemfridge boots she has worn over to the house a few times, I got Addie Jane some back before Jack was born and she still refers to them as "Anna Boots."
  21. Holly- "Me ma??" Right after I had Jack we went to visit Birmingham. Haley, Betsy and I wanted to go eat and shop, so Holly came over to watch Mary Ella (Me Ma), now Addie Jane thinks Holly is Me Ma's mom. Ha
  22. Kristen- "Ki Ki Barbie" Every time Kristen (Ki Ki) comes over they go in the playroom and play barbies. For Valentine's Day Kristen got Addie Jane a new barbie, so now she only associates barbies with Kristen.
  23. Katie- "turtle, emu" I had said before why Addie Jane talks about turtles with Katie, but the emu thing comes from when Katie and Addie Jane went to the drive through animal park, that is not far from our house. They have emus that come right up to your car. Addie Jane loved it. When Katie comes over they also look up emu movies on YouTube, she loves it.
  24. Jacy- "airplane" They always go outside and look at helicopter and airplanes.
  25. Kimberly (Bable)- "Bable's room, play"
All of this is really just for me to remember what she associated with everyone, and why. I am looking forward to watching her grow and learn new things everyday. There are so many other things she says about people and places but these are just a few. Addie Jane is amazing, I can't imagine my life without her. Our life has changed because of her, and I would not have it any other way. Two years down. Not too bad at all.

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