Monday, February 25, 2013

A trip to Tennessee

We went to visit my SIL in Franklin, TN a couple (as in 4) weeks ago to celebrate my nephew Jeremiah's 3rd birthday!
They have your standard rental home... on 80 acres...with line...a thousand riding toys.... ya know just the usual. Oh, and a pony named Emma.
We had a BLAST! I love getting all the kiddos together and watching them play.
Here are a few pictures from the day!

Oh, this would a DEAD BIRD that Jeremiah handed us.... yes a DEAD BIRD.  Needless to say we all screamed as soon as he showed us. That was one for the books.


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  1. great pics! some i haven't seen! what a fun day! and i think I blocked the bird thing - I kind of had a mini freak out moment again when i saw the pic. Aaaah!