Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas according to my iPhone :)

WARNING: Picture Overload
These picture consist of the month of December.  We were really busy but had great time!
Real quick, I will say that Hudson is army crawling like crazy and pulling up, and walking around the table, he getting very mobile. Addie Jane and Jack are also growing like weeds. I love listening to them sing and play make believe together. Ever since Christmas they have been in their rooms playing nonstop. Now....their rooms are a constant disaster but that is to be expected I suppose. Our life is a little chaotic right now but I honestly would not have it any other way.  Between my work, Jent's work, school for Jent and the kids, and just trying to keep everything together it is kind of crazy, but I know one day I am going to wish that they were still little like this.  I have decided to take a breath each day and realize that this time with them, at these ages, will only last so long and to not take it for granted. Right now my favorite thing the kids' are doing is after we get done eating dinner they sing and put on a show for us on the "stage" it is precious. I need to put some of the videos on my blog! Too funny not to share.
  Anyways, that is all for now hopefully I will one day have time to blog again but we will just wait and see :)
Also, these pictures are a bit out of order.  I am blogging from iPhone again :)

Deacon and Jack after the kids' school Christmas program.  They are too sweet together.

I caught this little gem one morning on my NEW CAMERA! My mom and dad got me a new camera for Christmas WAHOO.  You will also notice I do not have a lot of pictures from Christmas day because I took them all with my new camera and forgot all about my silly little iPhone. Ha

Me and the little one

These three :)
Jack in his fishing vest with his fishing rod so pumped!

Family pic from Christmas Eve
This little ones Emma Kate and Hudson

The boys at the park

Our Christmas decor

Making Christmas crafts with Dad

My new camera! Love it

All 7 cousins sitting on a couch in matching pajamas..doesn't get much cuter than that!
Left to Right:
Deacon (2) Harper (10 months) Jeremiah (3 TODAY) Levi (17 months) Jack (3) Hudson (7 months) Addie Jane (4)
Hudson just attacking our Elf, Snowflake.
Mona and the kids cooking Christmas Eve dinner which consisted of, filet migon, twice baked potatoes, 7 layer salad, and to top it off a little lobster tail! Thanks grandma!
BFFs Mary Ella and Addie Jane

Baby whiperer Gran Janey
I can't handle his pictures sometime.

Family pic

my new pandora bracelet complete with charms!

Tweety bird..Emma Kate.
Just like his daddy

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  1. great pics! the last one is the best!!