Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What are you gonna do?!

Sunday afternoon Jentry and I walked into the kitchen from getting groceries to see this..... ........ ........(the quality of the pictures are terrible they were on my phone in bad lighting but you get the idea.)

 Yes that is chocolate icing in his hair.
 Can we say sugar high?
 If you wondering how icing got on the back of Jack's legs....Addie Jane tried to paint him with icing...he was covered.
 Side view 
And Addie Jane has a beard now....

What can you really do but laugh and give them a nice long bath?!


  1. Oh my word! I bet they stayed up all night!!

  2. Girl! The second picture is too much!! I love his face! You can see the sugar has set in! Let's get together soon!