Thursday, June 2, 2011

Jack's playdate

For the first time that I can think of Jack had a playdate WITHOUT Addie Jane.  It was hysterical.  He didn't know what to do without her, poor thing. He is so use to following her every step.  We had been to the Botanical Gardens before and he was wild, following every single thing Addie Jane did....but this time he just looked around not knowing what to least for the first hour or so! Ha.  He finally came into his own and ran around like normal but it was funny to see how it changes....poor little nugget doesn't have a clue with her.  I know that sounds bad but they are use to being together all the time.  I think that is why he is 19 months and just now talking haha.  He has a older sister what does he really need to say besides STOP! Anyway the other day Jack had a double date with these adorable girls! Lucky boy! We had a great time I was so happy to be able to spend quality time and really focus on him for little while.  Honestly that is the hardest part of having two is equally dividing your attention to each one.  I mean that is just my opinion.  ;)

 Sinclair, 15 months.  She is a doll.  She is my friend Anna's little niece.  She lives in New Jersey but every time that come back to Huntsville I have to see her.  She is absolutely beautiful looks like a doll.  
 Sela, 17 months.  OMG she is hysterical. I think this was the only time she wasn't smiling the whole day.  She is my friend Lauren's niece. We have been going on walks together with them and Addie Jane is obsessed with her.  She says, "mom......sometimes I just wish Jack was a girl like Sela." HA!
 The nugget
 Jack and Sela

 All 3 in this HUGE chair!
 Anna (ranger rick if you will) being extra short!
 There is that smile!
 Bless 'em!
 trying to drink the water!
I even got a kiss from the nugget!
  1. Anna and Jack playing with the warms

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