Monday, February 7, 2011

What's new ??

This just a picture of Jack that I took my cell phone from far the quality is terrible and I really need to upload pictures soon just been kinda crazy busy!

Penguin shirt I made for Jack.

And an Owl shirt for AJ

And of course, a flower pillow for me!

I am going to copy my cousin Haley and do this in list form...I really like that ha!

1. I am "attempting" to learn how to sew.....AGAIN. So far so good. I am starting out with easy stuff like hand sewing felt pillows and things on clothes for the kids. Sunday went up to my mom's house and with my help of my aunt Amy I made Addie Jane a pair of pants! YAY! Very proud of myself.

2. Addie Jane is talking SO much (as in talking in full conversations for like 20 min or more and using contractions, using bigger words?? not sure if that sounds grammatically correct but ya know what I mean ha ha) and really really listening to everything we say. Very sassy and apparently my parents say she acts just like me when I was her age. She turns 3 in just a few days. A big milestone I feel like for her. She is excited and says she wants to have all her "friends" there and play all day, and that she "guesses" Jack could come but he can be pretty annoying. Ha. She is a trip.

3. What do say about Jack? He has changed like crazy. Have I mentioned he is like a monkey??? Climbs on anything and everything. I am so proud of my little man he is really beginning to talk so much more. He really is understand everything that I am saying and can point out pretty much everything in a normal living room/ kitchen, knows his body parts, and most animal noises. He is sounded out his words a lot more and really trying hard to's precious. Total Mama's boy I love it! He is so snuggly, loves to give kisses and hugs, and love other kids. He has gotten over his separation anxiety which is nice! He also runs now, jumps, and tries to do a forward roll. Usually sleeps 10-13 hours a night WAHOO! Growing up extremely fast. He went to the doctor last week and weights in at 29 pounds and is 32 inches long 85% for both weight and height! Growing just perfect!

4. I have been gathering things up for re-doing of my rooms, throwing old things away, and repainting anything I can get my hands on! I REALLY want this all to be done by my birthday. We will see though!

5. I am sick of cold weather. But I am loving getting up super early on my off days to watch "Real Housewives" and "Jersey Shore"...I know I know...but it is seriously a guilty pleasure. I am also obsessed with "Pawn Stars". Seriously, J and I love that show. Its perfect for us because its hysterical and J loves learning about the history of things. YAY we agree! ha ha! Not to mention our show "White Collar" is back on USA on Tuesday nights @ 9:00. WATCH IT. Also I have hand sewing with felt like crazy, its pretty fun and I can just lay in the bed and sew no machine necessary.

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