Saturday, February 26, 2011

Addie Jane turns 3 WHAT?!?!


Everything set up at the house (after we ate it looked better before but ya know....whatever)
Flowers and cute ribbon with help from Jec
Eating some GOOD food!
Double cookie cake!
Grandmother and Granddaddy
Charlie and Jack (he looks like such a big boy!)
Janey, Jack, Jeremiah, and Jessica

Jack and Jeremiah trying to get Mack to come out!
Addie Jane and Charlie riding around in the car!
Cousins! All matching ADORABLE!
Uncle John and Deacon
Me and J
Kimberly (how photogenic??)
Addie Jane and Charlie pushing the car because they had a pretent flat tire!
Julianne and Jeremiah

Getting into the cake!

Opening up Beauty and the Beast she was very excited!!

We had the perfect day for a birthday party!! PERFECT 65-70 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. We decided to have a BBQ over at our house so the kids could play out on the new swing set (thanks Mona and Papa)! Everyone had a blast but I couldn't have done it without help from EVERYONE thank you so much! And thank you God for this amazing day that you blessed us with it could not have gone any better :) Addie Jane had a blast and all the kids did great!!


  1. Charlie told me all about riding in the cadillac today. Grandaddy also said that AJ said, "You aint a woofin'." TOO FUNNY! Glad yall had such pretty weather for the party!

  2. Great pics! Great party! So much fun!