Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Roll Tide

Amazing. Incase for some reason you didn't watch the SEC championship Alabama dominated. We are now going to the national championship in Pasadena, CA to play Texas. Should be a pretty good game. Addie Jane loves to watch football right now. I am dead serious, it is actually adorable and even if she is not watching Alabama she yells, "ROLL TIDE!" It makes Jentey so excited. Jack isn't too excited about it yet,but he definatly supports the team. I think over half his clothes are Alabama, I love it. Jack is doing really great holding his head up and making great eye contact. He is a doll and is starting to smile at you (my favorite stage). I am just looking forward to him laughing! Right now Addie Jane's new thing to do it say "addie jane jordan" but she can't say her "R"s its so cute. She is also obsessed with watching her "amimals" movie. Today we are going to see Santa Clause, or as Addie Jane calls him " Ho Ho Ho". Please wish us luck. I will post pictures when we get back. I can't wait until we get a computer

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